I am sure everyone has fought with someone at some point of time…..well what I mean by a fight here is an argument…disagreement…between ‘friends’…

Well I have had my share of them….

There are three modes of fighting with people

1)      Online Chat!

2)       Telephone

3)      Face to Face

Someone once graded these modes in this order with the first one being the worse and the last being the best mode to fight…and told me if you are ever fighting with someone…..

Don’t even attempt using ‘chat’ as a mode…” it is only words that you can see…and there are bound to be misunderstandings. I think everyone know this and I don’t even think people would actually fight with someone they care remotely about on chat! (If by chance you are having an online fight with someone…chances are you will pick the phone and continue the fight on the telephone!)

The telephone seems to be a super cool as compared to the chat….you can hear the person…you know exactly how angry he or she is….you know when he/she is ready to cool down…but  “CAUTION – AVOID FIGTHING ON THE TELEPHONE”.. It is not as super cool as it sounds…..there is a tendency for the fights to prolong without reason…get frustrating… one gets the other persons point…..cause it is just two modes of communication….words and sound…..the body language piece is missing….

Face to Face…

There are the best type of fights……you can see the person…and if words don’t work to sort things out….a hug sure will!!


Happy fighting!



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