Cutting Onions!

Had a whole lot  of extended  home today for “Bhai Dhuj”… It was nice day….I love having people at home…especially since I am not the head cook(Mommy does that!)…and I am only a little helper…all I normally have to do is taste the food….take plates on the table….cut a few vegetables…serve the guests and eat!

One of the small side tasks that were given to me was to cut onions! Onions are one of the most painful vegetables I have ever had to cut.

My Observation: Smaller the onion…the more you cry while cutting it!

I have always wondered is it a valid observation? Since my experience is cutting onions is not very deep….I don’t even know if it is a valid observation!

But as with every observations….I have a funda behind it…..

My Funda : Since you are cutting and killing a baby onion…you person committing the deed should suffer more!! ( I am sure there is a scientific reasoning to it….if it is a valid reason!)

Now when I sat to write this post..I decided…let me just check online on cutting onions and what is the actual reason for tears in the eyes…and I was surpised to find a whole lot of things available..from the reason for tears to method for cutting onions…METHOD!..for god’s sake I though you just take a knife and cut the damn onion…

Now it was this lack of knowledge of  the ‘methodology cutting onions’ is what was causing all the tears!

Did you know…that the onion has a root and a stem side…and if you get the root side the tears will be maximum….well never mind…now you know!

Now along with the methodology I found online I also fond some tips on how to cut onions with minimal tears…and I realized…I was doing exactly the opposite!

These were some of the tips:

1)      Use a sharp knife and work quickly: Well the knife I was using was I think the sharpest at home…but may not really actually qualify as being sharp…! As for the pace…no comments..excpet I was the tortoise in the race of cutting vegetables!

2)      Cut near an open flame: J I was sitting on the sofa in front of the TV..not to close to any flame..except the hot chicks in sizzling numbers on TV

3)      Chill the onion for 15 -30 minutes before cutting: Now…even Mom did now know this….will maybe try it out next time

4)      Spritz the cutting board with vinegar before cutting: Vinagar!..cutting borad! Whatever…too much trouble for cutting two onions!

5)      Cut the onions underwater: Umm..this may be interesting…I love anything to do with water…It almost sounds like fun!

6)      Do not cut the root of the onion : I did not even know there was a root and a step side to the onion!

Well all in all…I was doing a lot of things wrong….and I have spent more time writing the post than I actually spent cutting the onions….but I have learnt more from writing this post about ‘ cutting onions’ than I learnt by cutting them during the day!

I am also inspired by trying my hand at cutting onions again soon….will tell you’ll if any of these tips worked!

By the way….do check out this site…It has a photo tutorial on how to cut onions!!


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3 responses to “Cutting Onions!

  1. For anything and everything..

    Google maharaj ki jai 😛


  2. Anand.U

    Obviously…you will shed some tears while trying to make anything out with a person who puts his big “I” first and has NO as ears…hav fun [:)]!!!

  3. adb

    Suddenly ppl seem to be peeling potatoes and chopping onions! Holiday effect I guess.

    U missed out the easiest one…Chewing gum while chopping.

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