Dead Dogs…

I have seen at least 5 dead dog bodies on the highway over the last three days…

Before this…I don’t even remember when I last noticed a dead dog body  in Mumbai city internal highways…


It is quite sad to see a dead dog body stiff with rigor mortis lying on the back unclaimed uncared for out there on the highway with cars whizzing past…


I am not a major animal or a dog lover….but my heart still went out to them…it is not only a bad sight to look at but also a health hazard…and I wanted to call some authorities and tell them to do something about it….but I did not know what to do so like the other cars I whizzed past…L


I don’t know if it is me and I am just by chance paying more attention or is it that there are somehow more dogs dying on the highways of Mumbai?


Maybe because of holiday season…and less traffic on the road…the cars are speeding more than normal and hence more dogs are getting hit and dying..


I remember reading somewhere that BMC has a three days of continuous vacation during this period and hence maybe even though the same number of dogs are dying…but it it just that the copses  are not being picked up…


Well it is sad that dogs are dying and the bodies are being left uncared for on the highway…but what is the purpose of my writing this blog?


I have a two fold purpose..

1) To know if any one else has noticed the increase in the number of dog dead bodies on the Mumbai highways

2) To know if anyone has any information on who can we inform in case we see a dead dog on the road?



Hope to get some info from any of the animal lovers who stop by this post……


May the dog’s soul rest in peace…also may god be with the people who killed the dog by mistake and help them get over their guilt….





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One response to “Dead Dogs…

  1. Hey

    It’s a pity..
    Here is a good Read on Dead Dogs seen in Chennai: “Its a Dogs Life”


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