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Mumbai Firing….

The world has gone crazy…..there is indiscriminate firing happening right now somewhere in south Mumbai….Apparently  there is firing by terrorits at 7 locations in South Mumbai…Scary..

South Mumbai is the business district and a very posh Mumbai area…..this is one of the most crowded places in the working hours…luckily it is off peak hours now so the number of people in this area may not be very high….

Two five star hotels Taj and Oberoi  and the CST station is under siege.. firing at Cama hospital….Leopoards……crazy…..crazy crazy….What would this do the image of Mumbai and India as a whole….It will screw it up big time..

Go check out the news…..Don’t know if the news channels are hyping it up or is it really that bad…



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Why do we Like or Dislike Certain People?

I had gone for a trip where I did not know anyone….well I knew people by name and by face….but that’s about it….I asked my ‘friends’ if they want to come…and everyone had something else to I was like what the hell…let me register for this camp…if I don’t feel like going I would cancel it latter…and I went for the camp..and boy I am so glad I went!!

Three very hectic  fun days….Had a ball of a time….met so many new people…..clicked instantly with some …. Did not particularly like the sight of some….made superficial friends with lots…..

Now what is it that makes me click instantly with some people….I think it is the sense of humor….I love to laugh…have fun…be happy…and I think  I click with people who  have a good sense or let me say similar sense of humor as mine(what I think is good sense of humor…may be sad sense of humor for others)! And if someone with a decent sense of humor is logical and can also make interesting that is like super cool!

And what is it that makes me hate people instantly….? I think I don’t like people who are too aggressive and always want to have their way… this is a very surprising and inappropriate reason for me not to like people..…now you may think come on….this is not an inappropriate answer…everybody does not like people who are too aggressive and always want to have their way…but it is and inappropriate reason for me not to like people….cause very often I have a tendency to be very aggressive and want to have my way!!

Someone once told me something very deep (which as usual I did not really understand when it was told initially)….that all the qualities we hate in others are things that we see in ourselves and don’t like….Now next time you hate someone…think of what is it that you hate about them and reflect and see if it is something that you internally hate about yourself …

Now this may not be true for all cases…and even if it is…it would be difficult to admit…that “I” am very similar to the people I think I hate…

But just think about it logically….

There are something’s you like about yourself..

When you meet people who ‘exhibit’ the qualities that you like about yourself….you click with them…and you say…hey wow we are so similar!

Similarly there are things you don’t like about yourself….

When you meet people who ‘exhibit’ the qualities that you don’t like about yourself…you hate them….and you rarely ever say…Hey..yuck…we are so similar!

Makes sense???



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The Ten Worlds

I was reading an interesting  Buddhist concept call Ten worlds..or Ten states of life..and I could quite relate to it and I think I have been through all these states many times….It made an interesting read …here it is for you to read and reflect which state for you currently in…!

1.       Hell

Hell is a state of indescribable suffering. It is a time where you have lost all hope and you are worried and are imagining the worst possible consequences of a certain event and in the process suffering as if the worst has already happened…and you feel you have no control over the situation.

It is indeed a bad state to be in….but if you have never experienced hell…you would never know the meaning of happiness and if you have never experienced Hell…you would not be able to empathize with your fellow human being who is going through hell….every time you experience this state of helplessness…remember….it can only get better from here…

2.       Hunger

Hunger is a state in which our Desires are dominant….our desired can take  many forms  from  desire for food, warmth, sleep to higher more complex desires like those for love, social justice and self improvement….

It is a state when we want more than what we currently have…It is a state of permanent dissatisfaction people in this state are driven by the thought that their happiness lies in possessing or experiencing something that is currently out of their reach…and many times no sooner that one gets what they desire the attraction fades off and one realizes that it is not enough…

Desires and a state of hunger is an integral part of our being…..we need it to grow and achieve anything in is impossible to eradicate desire without eradicating life itself…

The real challenge lies in reorienting  our desires towards creative and valuable ends and realizing that although fulfilling our personal desires would give us temporary happiness…the ultimate happiness lies in working towards happiness of our fellow human beings

3.       Animality

Animality  is a condition driven by instinct and lacking in self control, reason, morality or wisdom It is action without considering the effects of their actions. People in this state live only for the present. In this condition one is rules by the law of the jungle, standing in fear of the strong but despising and preying upon those weaker than oneself.

Our animal instincts are necessary for our survival..but if we cannot control them as humans we are no different from the animals


4.       Anger

Anger is a condition dominated by selfish ego, competitiveness, arrogance and the need to be superior in all things. A person in the state on anger cannot bear to loose, he must have the best job, the highest salary, the prettiest wife in short anything that will separate him and place him above the rest of humanity. Arrogance, Conceit, contempt for others and a highly critical streak and a powerful competitive urge are all aspects of anger.

However like all other states…the state of anger can also be used positively….Anger gives us the passion to fight injustice and inequality.


5.       Humanity or Tranquility

Tranquility is fundamentally a neutral is a state where nothing in your environment can upset or excite you…one can pass fair judgment…control instinctive desires with reason…act in harmony with the environment.

However a person in this state is essentially vulnerable and can easily be moved to any of the other states…and hence this state is difficult to sustain

6.       Heaven or Rapture

Rapture is the pleasure  we experience  when our desires are fulfilled….It is an intense exhilarating state in which we feel glad to be alive…in rapture we feel ourselves truly living to the fullest of our potential….we are full of energy and the zest for life!

However Rapture….as wonderful as it may be…It can never last for long….it requires simply a passage of time or a slight change of circumstances for us to move out of Rapture to any of the lower  states of life…

Together these first 6 worlds are grouped together as the Six Lower Worlds…these are all basically reactions to changing external conditions

7.       Learning

This is a condition in which one seeks some skill, lasting truth or self reformation through the teachings of others…

8.        Realization or Absorption

This is a condition in which one seeks realizes and imbibes lessons from our own observation of life….

Together these two worlds are referred to as the two vehicles to the higher states…when people are in these two states, they are partially enlightened however they are given more to the pursuit of self perfection than altruism…they can easily become self center and arrogant thinking they have nothing more to learn

9.       Bodhisattva

In this state…one not only aspires for the enlightenment of oneself, but also devotes oneself to relieve suffering of others….through compassion, altruistic actions…


10.   Buddha Hood

A buddha is simply an ordinary person awaked to the true nature of life.Buddhahood is the joy of joys….birth old age illness and death no longer suffering but a part of the joy of living…The joy  of Buddhahood may sound similar to Rapture…but it is essentially different because it is a joy which cannot be destroyed by suffering…rather it can absorb it…and it is a joy enriched by a deep understanding of how life works from moment to moment…


Mutual Possession of the Ten Worlds

Everybody possesses all the ten worlds…in different people different worlds are stronger and weaker and in most people one world seems to dominate but the bottom line is that budhahood is included in all the lower nine states….and Buddhahood….consists of all nine states put together..

Interesting Eh!                         


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Recipe : Methi Matar Malai

Now this is a different type of a post for me….not my usual style…

Well..I don’t cook….but I think I know to cook….as in I have seen Mommy cook sometimes when I go to the kitchen to taste the food while it is being made…and my Mommy is a super cook…So I say I know to cook by intuition..!!

Now Methi Matar Malai is one of the many yum dishes which my Mommy makes..and I think I know the recipe..and my friends were asking me for it and they wanted me to write it and give it to them…

Since the blogging bug has bitten me….anything I ever write comes up here on the blog….and that is why this recipe is going to be up on the blog…

Mom…please read it…and leave a comment certifying that it is correct….or else people will not trust me… (My Mommy is one of my regular readers of my of the many who have never left a comment on these pages…this will hopefully inspire her to leave one!)


·         Methi Leaves ( Don’t know what Methi is called in English)

·         Milk

·         Maida (Again don’t know what this is called in English!)

·         Para Boiled Peas- Para boiled means slightly bolied



·         Wash and finely cut the Methi leaves and fry it

·         Take a Kadia and put some Ghee and put the Maida into the ghee and roast it till it smells right…should not get brown but should be roasted( God this is difficult to write in English..but I really know what I mean!) This is basically like making white sauce that is used for Pasta’s

·         Add milk and stir while adding the milk to prevent lumps of Maida being formed. Add enough milk so that the consistency is like that of white sauce…(Again difficult to explain but I know what I am talking about)

·         Add salt to taste and green chillies

·         Add the Fried Methi and the Para Bolied to the white sauce



And the dish is ready to eat! Now no one try this till my Mommy sees the post and comments on saying its ok…or makes the required changes!!


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Hello!! Actually I should not be online and writing a post at all…I have to get up at 3.30 in the morning and leave from home to go for my long weekend vacation….but addicted as I am….I am here to write a quick post…! I think I am addicted to the internet…and to blogging and chatting!!

Don’t know if I am really really looking forward to this vacation….but normally if you are really looking forward to something it is not so much fun….and if you are apprehensive about something it ends up being a lot of fun!!

So Adios….friends….I am off…in case I manage to get up in the morning and someone picks me from home..or else I continue to live my monotonous life in Mumbai and write pako posts like this!

In case you my dear readers care….although I am going to be away with no access to internet….you will still get to read a new post from me tomorrow and on Saturday…and maybe on Sunday also…if I am not dead tired once I come back!

Till then….Alvida!

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Wild and Crazy…vs… Sane and Safe

I am in a mood to do something wild and crazy….I really don’t know what..I am generally feeling a little more restless than usual….(now I am normally restless….that is why I am the restless princess….so more than usual is BAD news!!)

I mean what kind of an existence is this…..go to office…do some absolutely meaningless work…..come home….read some book….write some meaningless post… with random people….and then go to sleep and then start this all over again…What a waste….This was not ‘my plan’ for life.. 😦  (Like Priyanka says in Dostana)…And on the face of It life is great….only something is vital is missing….

Now why am  I feeling like this….I guess there are many reasons…. Like work is slow and not feeling too meaningful as of now…maybe the  interesting conversation I had ..… but mainly I think it is because of this Rashmi Bansal book I am reading….

God I feel like I am wasting my life cause I don’t have the guts to get up and leave…..but the problem is I don’t know what I want to do..:-(….I know I want to do something meaningful and something which adds value…but I don’t know what it is….and I don’t know if I will ever know ..:-(

And this is a low risk period  in my life…..I don’t particularly need the money or a steady job…but yet I am still here!!

I love my company…it is comfortable….it nice…nice people…close to home…get enough in my account at the end of every month to go for 4 movies and dinner a month and yet have something left in the account to put in the stock market….but I know I don’t want to sell software or be a part of a software company for the rest of my life….but then what do I want to do….go back to Physiotherapy ….ummm…… maybe …maybe not….go back to the hospital sector…..umm…maybe …maybe not….Teach…maybe…maybe not…

I have been like that….I suck at taking a decision when given a choice…but when pushed into anything….I am usually happy…..

Anyways….I know I am going to do absolutely nothing about it….unless I am thrown out of my job….now with the recession it is possible….but with my wonderfully  sarkari company it is not very probable….well not that I want to get thrown out of my job…it would not be good for the ego….but I really  do want to do something different…

So what wild and crazy thing  will I do…… Absolutely  nothing L…. How boring!! L

I  think I have a conflicting personality…One side of me wants to be ‘Wild and Crazy’…and the other side of me wants to be sane and safe….the ‘Sane and Safe’ me  always wins…L

I wish I had a partner in crime to be ‘Wild and Crazy’…..then maybe the ‘Sane and Safe’ me would give up  some  control it has over me…everyone I currently know around me…fuels the ‘Sane and Safe’ me and discourages me from doing anything crazy…. 😦

The ‘Wild and Crazy ‘ me is dying…..Someone save me…..Waaaah….Waaaah…. 😦

PS- Sorry for an unhappy type of a post…I will sure come with a Happier post tomorrow!! J





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Stay Hungry..Stay Foolish..By Rashmi Bansal

An IIM alumina at  work passed on the link for the review of this book even before it was officially released…and I though it was interesting…I went to Crossword to buy it 2 days after it was released and the book was  out of stock!!

We decide to gift the book to a friend who was moving out of Mumbai… I finally got my hands on the book…..but then since it was a gift….I looked at it for 10 mins and then had to give it to the rightful owner….and the book flew to Delhi with him….

I told my office librarian to get it for the library and forgot about it….

Three weeks latter…I see the book in the newly acquired books section…..and I finally finally get to read it….

I am still in the beginning of the book….but I love what I have read so far!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a compilation of stores of 25 IIM graduates who have become successful entrepreneurs…..

Rashmi who is herself an IIM A Graduate divides these entrepreneurs into three

1)      The Believers – The people who took the plunge straight after MBA!

2)      The Opportunists- Did not plan to be entrepreneurs but when opportunity knocked they seized it!

3)      The Alternate Vision- Use entrepreneurship to create a social impact or for creative expression

Interesting classification eh! If I ever  become an entrepreneur….I can only fall in one of the last two categories….It is too late for me to be a Believer!

I have read just one story out of the twenty five yet…but I actually had goose bumps while reading it….Rashmi writes actually feel you are sitting across the table and are in conversation with the man…Some snippets….they book is much better than the snippets…so read it !

I hope to write more snippets as I read more of the book! Till then happy reading and commenting…


Snippets : Sanjeev Bikhchandani (PGP’89) : The Man Behind

·         Entrepreneurship was not one of the options for Sanjeev…it was the only one

·         Sanjeev at the age of 12 had more or less decided that he wanted to start a company of his own

·         Sanjeev did not have business in his blood…his father was a doctor with the government job and mother was a housewife!

·         He did not know what internet was and got introduced to the concept of “WWW” for the first time in 1993(wow!…was difficult to believe…)

·         People warned Sajeev that ‘naukri’ sounds very down market….it sounds like nauker..but he went with his gut…and today it is one of his biggest assets!

·         Entrepreneurship  is about dozens of small leaps of faith taken everyday….

·         The secret is that you and your company should be the ’go to ’person for that industry….10cm of editorial coverage is worth 100cc of paid advertisement

· common sense approach for their sales force ….A sales person costs the company 10,000 bucks….and a mobile phone… space …and use of computer…so if the salesman can recover 25,000 for the company he was productive…so all they did was hire more sales men..and opened more branches

·         Currently the company had a diversified portfolio…, 99acres,allcheckdeals,naukrigulf,,asknaukri,

·         Advice from the Wise

o   If you are starting a business to make money…don’t..cause there WILL be hard times

o   Get great people…sell them the vision..the idea and share the wealth…be generous with the stock.


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