Of Combifalm and Viral Fever…


Today was one of those very very rare days when I did not step out of the house at all….

Even when I decide to ‘celebrate’ the weekend at home..I always at least step out in the evenings…with friends and if nothing else I go out for a walk on my own…

But today all I did was walked from my room to the hall… get tired and would crash on the sofa…then get ‘restless’ and walk back to my room and crash back on bed….surf chanals on TV…read some random books kept….flip through the paper….but nothing would hold my attention for too long….

My head…my back…my legs…my eyes……everything was hurting…. (body chur chur ho rahi thee…don’t know the English translation for that!)

Everyone at home initially though I was just being plain lazy…My baby doctor at home diagnosed….” You are suffering from too much rest!”(which may just be true…I am the kind of person who may not feel ill with excreting..but would die of having nothing to do and boredom!)…and I would be like ya whatever and go back to sleep!

Finally they realized that…this seems to be more than just the normal laziness and the “celebrate Sunday mode”….and Mommy touched me and proclaimed…” you have fever…take combiflam…!”

As a principal….I hat taking medicines….and so I refused….with….it will get ok on its own….and lets check the temperature first….we checked…and it was just below 100…and I had my way…no medicine for me now…and went right back to sleep…

Was woken up for lunch…had ¼ of a roti…and went back to bed…latter in the afternoon I realized this does not seem to be getting better on its own….so went to baby doctor to check the temperature( I can check the thermometer on my own…but when you have a budding doctor at home…you outsource the task)…Well the fever had gone up significantly….And I finally took a Combiflam…!

And it worked like magic…I started feeling better within half and hour and even managed to go have a bath and sit in the balcony….but I went back to sleep yet again!

Now it must be 8-9 hours since I took the last combi…and the fever seems to be back again…it all starts with burning eyes and a headache….and it sucks….:-(

Good Night….I hope I am well enough to go to work tomo…..I hat being unwell and at home all day…it is soo boring L L



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3 responses to “Of Combifalm and Viral Fever…

  1. My experience says if you do not sleep during day hours no matter you are having fever, it is much better chance that you will be Ok.

  2. Anand.U

    Well…I cannot afford the luxury of falling sick … so I stick to my green tea and good short run e’day…4m here all i can send is get well soon thoughts…hav fun!!!

  3. If i had fever.. I’d sleep all day with a blanket on without the fan.. U need to sweat to get all the temperature out of the body.. Drink Water every hour, Not too much, not too less..

    Not sure how combiflam works.. But crocin always does..

    Take care

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