Why I Love My Team at Work!?

·         Cause it is a diverse set of people….I love people in general!

·         Touch wood…there is no politics

·         There are no strict hierarchy distinctions

·         It is an open chilled atmosphere to work in

·         Everyone is quite open to help the others

·         It is overall a very ‘inclusive’ team…collective thinking is given great emphasis

·         It is a set of intelligent people who can make decent conversation on varied topics

·         We play…we chat…we work hard sometimes…hardly at other time..we laught…we overall have fun..

·         Overall a very high energy team…normally very focused…(at this point of time still in vacation mood and not very focused!)

Now why did I think of it today?

Number of reasons…some may just be stupid! But had I not gone to work today….none of this would have happened…except the last one maybe!

1)      I was not too well to go to work….but since I get bored at home I decided to go…and it was so nice to just generally meet people and make conversation…get some work done…and  that made me feel so much better,..if I had stayed back home I would have definitely fallen ill!

2)      We had some interesting conversations on  F1 Racing….A sport which I never generally follow but now I have a basic understanding of it!

3)      Had fart discussion on the Indian railways transformation…which actually reminded me of an article I had read long back in the TIME magazine….and I hardly ever go back and look for articles I have read earlier..


4)      I got a nice new book to read! (Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh…If I manage to finish reading it I will put my views online on it)


So basically although it may not have been a very constructive day at work…(it was not bad actually …I have managed to get some meetings lined up for the week….got some pending stuff closed) and there may be other frustrating  days when I would curse work…my company….and hate everyone associated with it….but as of now ….I love my team for everything it is!

Overall the credit of an good team normally goes to the boss….and  almost all the credit here also goes to the boss….:-) he is quite an interesting person..worth writing a complete protected post on sometime!


Adios for now…time for me to go to bed to my book!




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3 responses to “Why I Love My Team at Work!?

  1. Hey..

    Interesting that u started this discussion on F1 racing..
    What a finale to this season.. Races like these bring more audience interest.. If u want to know what happened, read this post


  2. Anand.U

    Kewl…If you didn’t enjoy your team then day might look quite long…nice to see you have people arnd who can stimulate ur thinking now and then…hav fun !!!

  3. Whats you reading nowadays?

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