Jthe highlight of my day today was … “A Massage”…it feels soo good….you feel rejuvenated…and that too for only 100 bucks!  Where else other than in India would you be able to enjoy such luxuries at home at such affordable rates..

My mom was not home and I was super excited about my discovery of getting a massage done for only 100 bucks that too in the comforts of home and her first reaction was….hey you could have bargained with her…she would have done it for cheaper…..If you call her every week…you would get a bulk discount….which I would but  this was so totally worth it…1 hour of good massage for only 2 dollars!!( well I am not earning in dollars but still…but I will soon…!) fact I felt like telling her maybe you should take some more money!

So my day was… reading  a nice book in bed…. Long Oil massage….short evening jog…..nice hot water bath….dinner out with friends..

Sounds perfect doesn’t it…… J…It was ….but it could have been better……just one teeny weeny missing link….I will get that link in place soon…and when I do…I will write about it….!

PS- No questions on the missing link yet…..will wtite about it eventually!

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