Everyone has their priorities in life….. and many times you need other people to corporate/collaborate with you for you to achieve your objectives…

The problem arises…when something is close to the top of your priory list is on the bottom  of the ‘other’ persons priority list and you need to ‘other’ person to consent  get it done….if this happens…you have a “Situation” at hand

Now this “Situation” can arise at a professional level or on the personal front…

1)      Professional : (Internal) You want to get this pricing out for a client today… need to finance guy to help you out…this is the number one client on your list…it is client number 10 on Mr Finance’s list…

2)      Professional : (External) You want to sell your solution to this chain with 30 centers…..they are the perfect client….right size…right industry….they are close to the top priority on your list to sell…they are open to buying….but  buying IT is on the bottom of their list…

3)      Personal: you really like this girl/guy…and getting to know him/her is somewhere on the top of your priority list…but you are somewhere at the bottom of their priority  and so he/she just does not have the time for you…


In any of these situations….you have to choose among one of the two approaches.. J

Approach 1 –Make the ‘other’ person change his priority list

Approach 2- If that does not work change your priority list!


I would say in all situations start with Approach 1…and if that does not work then shift gears and move to Approach2…now the skill is in knowing when to shift gears and when to stay persistent!

Life would be so simple if everyone would have the same priorities as we do…..but it would also be soo booring!

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