Blogging and Life State…

One of my buddies pinged me and told me…  “Your blog says so much about your state of Life”..and that got me thinking…does it? Well maybe it does…..any form of expression tells people about your state of life…and that is what it is suppose to do!!

But just a word of caution for all my blog readers…a lot of things on this blog are made up and make believe….they are not really true…they may not reflect what I am actually thinking and feeling!

A lot of examples I give on my blog posts….are not really direct current examples from my life…..they are incidents I see around….incidents that have happened in the past and which have had an impact…or just plain stories that make an interesting reading!

So friends…..please don’t read too much into the meaning of my blog posts…it does not tell you anything significant about my life!!


PS: While I really appreciate all pings on g-talk and everything all you people tell me about the blog on the phone and when we meet…but it would be really nice  if you could also leave comments on the blog!! Three posts and not a single comment….I am disappointed.. 😦


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3 responses to “Blogging and Life State…

  1. K

    I guess blogging reflects more your state of mind, rather than the state of life..which is thoda different…your mind/thoughts could be in the present, past or future…n could be reality or imagination as you have said!

  2. Anand.U

    Little Princess…It is quite funny …When your buddies call the colors on a raw sketch…I can understand as people who always seen fall colors would rarely understand sunshine drive in nevada… Im still not sure why you feel disappointed when reader’s day picks up after you pushed those buttons…hav fun!!!

  3. aplihs

    K….very well phrased!..Very true!

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