WordPress Vs Blogger

I have been on wordpress long enough to know write this blog…this is dedicated  to for all those people…who told me move to wordpress…or move to blogger
And also to the people who design wordpress and Blogger….If anyone with some sort of influence is reading this….please do something!

Where WordPress is much Better than Blogger

1)      Ability to put Password protected posts

2)      Easy to migrate from an old blog with comments and all

3)      The Templates are neater and nicer

Where is Blogger better than WordPress

1)      Traffic on your blog page from Google search engine are much higher on Blogger and negligible on word press

2)      Statistics given by Stat Counter are much better than that given by WordPress

3)      Don’t think word press supports Google advts…if it does I have not understood how to put them up

4)      Widgets are better and easier to use…Like I can have a drill down on achieve on blogger but have not understood how to do it on WordPress…


The Verdict

Both wordpress and blogger have their advantages and disadvantages…..but wordpress wins hands down because of its ability to have password protected posts and the ease in migrating to a new blog….if blogger offered me these two important features I would be glad to move back!


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  1. Anand.U

    Brilliant …That was very thoughtful of you …hav fun !!!

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