Why Password Protected Posts??

Firstly apologies to all the people who came to the site and saw a password protected post and could not read it….and let me try and assure you that they are very boring posts….especially if you don’t know me you would not make sense of it…it is just some random thoughts put together with an interesting catchy title…!

Now why do I do I have password protected posts…?

Well it is all the normal predictable reasons…..

·         it’s about feelings/thoughts I don’t want to make public but yet I want to write about it to get clarity of thought….

·         it’s about other peoples lives…and I don’t have the right to open out to the world

·         Its scandalous stuff which if written openly can get me into trouble and maybe even get me thrown out of my job! 😉 (Exaggeration)

All this apart….the main reason for password protected posts is that it is a ‘Marketing Gimmick’! The interest levels on my blog increase substantially every time I have a password protected post out there!I have more hits on the blog…I have new unknown people leaving comments on the non protected blog asking for the password…more of my friends pinging me and telling me they have been reading my blog regularly(cool! now I know!) and wanting to  know what is  with the password protected blog etc etc!

So people who have not used this wonderful feature to password protect you posts on wordpress yet…try it….and tell me your experiences!!!



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5 responses to “Why Password Protected Posts??

  1. Chirag

    Must say its a nice gimmick … hell it works very well !! … I have been following your posts regularly and must say you are a good writer …. ever tried it as a part time profession ??

  2. Anand.U

    Hey Little Sister…I thought you pulled off something better than Tunvey Geogia’s women make better bosses…Does Marketing gimmick really does the trick …but i really thought it goes only well with gossip mongers…then it all just a phase where everybody is getting to know better…hav fun !!!

  3. aplihs

    🙂 Chirag…..do you know someone who will pay me for writing!!?

  4. Chirag

    Ahem … well maybe i can pay u for writing some important stuff for me !! … can take that offline maybe !!

  5. Kunal

    Not too sure about getting paid..
    But if u can take care of website development.. U can sure host one for a dirt cheap price.. Place ad’s and start earning.. Simple as that..

    I have known friends who earn from $10 to $ 1000 a month on a website..


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