Activist or Victim?

After a late last night yesterday….(slept almost at 3pm)….I was startled out of a deep slumber with some loud music….singing…a band and crackers right out side my window at around 6 in the morning…..I was like WTF….who is this and why are they doing this early in the morning….my bro stirred from his sleep and said… is Guru Nanak Jayanti and they are having some procession…..

Well…celebrate..pray….sing….do whatever you want but please do it at home behind closed doors….and don’t wake up the rest of the world with your celebrations….

 Also I have never understood why do you need loud speakers???  Do you think God is going to hear you better up there in the sky and heaven if you use a loud speakers???

Anyways…..even in my half sleepy state…the activist in me got up before the rest of me and with closed eyes grouped around for my phone and called up the police control room…”100” (it works!)

The phone rang….and someone picked up the phone on the other end…( I wonder do they have a call center executives  or is it police men who pick up the phone…I was too sleepy to remember what the person sounded like…I think it was a policeman)

Me to the person on the other side of the phone : Koi bhar bahoot shor kar raha hai…music…crackers….Aisa koi rule nahi hai kya 8 baje subhe ke phele loud speakers allowed nahi hai???

( Someone is making a lot of noise outside with loud speakers….crackers…is’nt there any rule by which loud speakers are not allowed before 8 in the morning!)

Police : Madame…local police station ko complain karo please..wo log ne permission deya hoga!

(Madame…please complain to your local police station…they would have given permission for the procession!)

Me:  App complain forward karege please….?

(Will you forward the complain the concerned authorities?)

Police: Nahi…aapko phone number dete hai…

(No we will give you the phone number. Please call them yourself…)

Me: Accha chalo number de do

(Ok..give me the number)

In the meanwhile Sam heard this conversation with the police and he was like…chuck it re…and try closing the windows and going to sleep…windows got closed…..but the sound continued……

In the meanwhile  the ‘victim’ in me got up got up but the ‘activist’ in me went back to sleep…and I did not call the local police station to complain…but somewhere I wish I had called….it may not have made an immediate   difference…but maybe if the police get many complains from citizens getting disturbed they would think twice about giving permissions for this tamasha in the mornings next time…

But  all I did was crib about the system…cribbed about how inconsiderate people are while celebrating functions…felt sorry for myself cause I was woken up… basically felt like the victim…with no powers….which was the WRONG attitude!

Well no point crying over split milk…all I can say…next time ….I will let the activist in me act and not leave the task half done and try and change the system….

But  honestly will I really…? Is’nt it too much trouble to try and change the system….?

I don’t know what I will do next time around in a similar situation… who will triumph…?” Me the activist”or the “Me the victim” …all I can say for sure is “Me the blogger” will sure come and write about it…whatever it is!



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2 responses to “Activist or Victim?

  1. Chirag

    Well said !! … How many people actually take the pain to fight the system ??… and even if they do, how many survive ?? … its been drilled into our mentality from childhood that “learn to adjust” .. whether its about a seat in a bus or about random people creating unnecessary fuss … ultimately everything settles down with the dust and we start living another day to adjust

  2. Anand.U

    Come on…it is fun…that is india…Here we go through huge procedures to light up few twinklers…now imagine facing up all the queries from policemen for a fire cracker out here…hav fun!!!

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