Light Pollution…

Pollution is the Buzz word these days…..well I have heard of Air Pollution….Water Pollution…Noise Pollution….but Light Pollution!! Now that’s new….and that is exactly what I am going to write very briefly about today….

I went to the Library for my post lunch break and the cover of the National Geographic Magazine attracted my attention. And I got introduced to this new concept of “Light Pollution”


Now what is Light Pollution??

 Light pollution—the luminous orange glow that haloes cities and suburbs”

Umm….ya….there is an orangish hallo over the city skies…you can see it when you look out of the window… and you can see it when your airplane passes at a low altitude over cities …but why is that pollution…? How does it harm anyone…??

The only apparent problem I could think of is  that you cant see the stars in the sky…. Now that is sad….cause the night sky lit with little stars is indeed very pretty and romantic….but that surely cannot be called pollution !

So why is this  glow of light termed as pollution…??

Apparently…bright night skies cause a lot of problems to nocturnal species…especially birds, reptiles and insects and a number of species are on the verse of extinction because of Light pollution!!

You can say…who cares…its insects and bird getting instinct after all…well check out this article from National Geographic  before you say that!


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