Dostana… A LOL movie!

Nice…happy…loud non-sensical funny  movie with very good looking people….wearing sexy clothes in beautiful locations…..very my kind of a movie!! Over all it is an LOL movie…made to entertain….

John rocks….he is super sexy and very very hot!… He is barely wearing anything through the movie…If Karan Johar is actually gay as he is rumored to be….I am sure he must have had a ball of a time shooting with John!

Priyanka is super sexy…and very cute….she is looking better than ever before in this movie….and she has acted well…..I

Abhiskek…. Ah Abhishek…..I am so glad even with John stripping at the drop of the hat for the camera’s Abhi had the good sense to keep his clothes on…! He has done his over the top gay act quite well……In fact if I had to choose who Priyanka should be with in the end…it would be Abhi dear!

Bobby Deol……He was a disaster…his presence in the movie so totally spoilt it for me….he was such a total looser in front of our two dudes…and a father of a 5 year old child… I wonder  Priyanka see in Bobby to choose him over the two sexy dudes..!!


One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Priyanka says….Hey life was not suppose to be like that….this is not what I had ‘planned’…I am 27…living with two handsome gay men ….may loose my job….this is not what my ‘plan’ for life was…and it goes on to get a lil senti and ends with a group hug..:-D…it is quite cute!  I could quite relate to it…J

Songs are rocking…..I so wanted to dance with Desi Girl and Maa Da Ladla playing on the big screen…how I wish it was socially acceptable to dance in the cinema  hall! (I think I did  manage to do a lot of toe tapping and dancing sitting on my seat!!)

BTW….the choreography of Maa Da Ladla was such a disappointment in the movie…..I was expecting to see the steps they show in the promo’s of the song….but that entire song which they show in the promo’s comes in the end with the concluding titles of the movie….

Just thinking about it….would it not be a  cool to have a cinema hall converted into a discotheque…..and play all these fundo dance numbers on big screen with all the Dolby sound and all…and let the public go crazy dancing!! Have a bar on the platform close big screen….and it could be a perfect party place!

I wonder why no one has though of this so far….I would love to go to an entertainment place like that! What do you think??

(The picture is taken from the official Dostana site…(





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9 responses to “Dostana… A LOL movie!

  1. Chirag

    Nice review ! … And love the idea of a cinema theater being converted into a pub/disc … combines two forms of entertainment i love the most!!

  2. aplihs

    Good..I Like the promptness of the comment….keep it up!

    Can we do something and get likeminded people to propagate the concept of a cinema theatre cum disc combi…and if there is a sizable population….I am sure the adlab’s and Reliances of the world would invest in converting one screen into a disc… cool would that be! Imagine…you go watch a movie in screen on….and then you soo feel like dancing on the numbers in the movie… step into screen 2 and you have all the best music video’s playing on big screen!!

  3. Chirag

    I think this to some extent is possible in drive in movies .. though not to that extent !! .. well i guess something can still be done .. i am quite sure we would find a huge support base for the same .. and if not possible with existing companies we can always make a business plan and sell it to a new company 😛 ….

  4. K

    Well..the more ‘practical’ way of doing it is to have a small dance section at the back of select audis/screens with disco lights! If you feel like dancing during the song, just go to this area in the same audi and have a gala time!

  5. aplihs

    @Chirag…..I like the idea of finding a new company for this idea! Should we file a patent and make it ours!!??

    @Kapil…Brilliant….that is another way of doing it…..but then that is a dance area while the movie is playing..which is good…but the disco lights and all would spoil the movie for others who have come to watch only the movie!! So a seperate screen with only dancing with all nice bollywood number playing may be better for the viewers!

  6. Chirag

    We should file for a patent i think .. tht way even if we dont have the capital to do it some company will pick up the idea just because its patented 😀 …

  7. Anand.U

    LOL…Dancing during the movie…def will be big hit among Rajini fans …
    Getting into ideas…I got a good one…Reality Show on Movie Reviews by college guys and gals…Think abt it…There will be always some interesting funny comments on the movie,flim stars,co stars etc… plus it generates a good butterfly effect to promote the movie too…hav fun !!!

  8. abc

    nice review .. n ur wish in this post has come true. if u can book theater for pvt party or get together @ fame cinema. get thrill

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