Post Number: 100!!!!

Well this is the 100th post on this blog….Hundred posts…not bad eh! Believe me it is a challenge to think of a topic every time I sit to write…and I have written on varied topics…anything that catches my attention…becomes a story and gets on to my blog pages…(my family and friends  make fun of me…  you sneezed….this will also go as a blog post!)

I have opened out a lot of my life…thoughts feeling…experiences for the world to read  and comment  on ….and as of now I am happy about it…..

I have gained a lot over these last 100 posts… my ‘blog’ buddies would be  my biggest gain…

A very big thank you to everyone who knows me and comes and read my blog……and a even bigger thank you to all you people who do not  know me and yet come and read my blog…. I really appreciate it!! I write cause someone out there reads……

And for all those people who read…and then take the trouble to leave comments…it is because of you guys and girls out there that I am still writing and have not given up on this hobby yet!

I wish  to say someday 100 days and 100 posts…..Inshalla! Amen



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7 responses to “Post Number: 100!!!!

  1. K

    Heartiest Congratulations Restless Princess!
    Look forward to your wish coming true
    Godspeed 🙂

  2. Anand.U

    Congrats… Hope this is just start for many more …hav fun!!!

  3. adb

    Looking forward to your next hundred 🙂

  4. Chirag

    Congrats … I love reading your posts …You rock !! … Keep writing and rocking too !!!

  5. Congratulations..
    That was ‘Too Fast too Furious’.. 😛

    Will lookout for the next 100..

  6. Congratulations Lady!! Ur posts are quite interesting. Keep goin!!

  7. aplihs

    Thank you Eveyone!!

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