Recipe : Methi Matar Malai

Now this is a different type of a post for me….not my usual style…

Well..I don’t cook….but I think I know to cook….as in I have seen Mommy cook sometimes when I go to the kitchen to taste the food while it is being made…and my Mommy is a super cook…So I say I know to cook by intuition..!!

Now Methi Matar Malai is one of the many yum dishes which my Mommy makes..and I think I know the recipe..and my friends were asking me for it and they wanted me to write it and give it to them…

Since the blogging bug has bitten me….anything I ever write comes up here on the blog….and that is why this recipe is going to be up on the blog…

Mom…please read it…and leave a comment certifying that it is correct….or else people will not trust me… (My Mommy is one of my regular readers of my of the many who have never left a comment on these pages…this will hopefully inspire her to leave one!)


·         Methi Leaves ( Don’t know what Methi is called in English)

·         Milk

·         Maida (Again don’t know what this is called in English!)

·         Para Boiled Peas- Para boiled means slightly bolied



·         Wash and finely cut the Methi leaves and fry it

·         Take a Kadia and put some Ghee and put the Maida into the ghee and roast it till it smells right…should not get brown but should be roasted( God this is difficult to write in English..but I really know what I mean!) This is basically like making white sauce that is used for Pasta’s

·         Add milk and stir while adding the milk to prevent lumps of Maida being formed. Add enough milk so that the consistency is like that of white sauce…(Again difficult to explain but I know what I am talking about)

·         Add salt to taste and green chillies

·         Add the Fried Methi and the Para Bolied to the white sauce



And the dish is ready to eat! Now no one try this till my Mommy sees the post and comments on saying its ok…or makes the required changes!!



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4 responses to “Recipe : Methi Matar Malai

  1. neeru

    Hi everyone
    The recipe is 90% correct.You have to apply salt to the methi and keep it for about 1 hour or so.This is to ensure that the methi is not bitter. (I think it is called fenugreek)but all of us understand methi I am sure. Also you can add grated cheese to make it yummier.
    Yes Shilpa is a intutive cook but hardly puts her intution to action for us to experience!!!

  2. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…Aren’t you suppose to be in middle of a vacation…4Godsake hav fun…I have no clue about the ten worlds…it was one big bouncer for me …Life is all about Passion,Motivation,Discipline…School,Work enforces and empowers in you…Family & Friends ensures Motivation in you…Well abt Passion i will leave it to experts…hav fun!!!

  3. Kunal

    Couldn’t agree better! 😀

  4. aplihs

    🙂 Well I was on vacation…and what a vacation it was…No phones…no internet …nothing for 3 days!!
    These posts were posted in advance so you’ll dont miss me!! 😉

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