Why do we Like or Dislike Certain People?

I had gone for a trip where I did not know anyone….well I knew people by name and by face….but that’s about it….I asked my ‘friends’ if they want to come…and everyone had something else to ..so I was like what the hell…let me register for this camp…if I don’t feel like going I would cancel it latter…and I went for the camp..and boy I am so glad I went!!

Three very hectic  fun days….Had a ball of a time….met so many new people…..clicked instantly with some …. Did not particularly like the sight of some….made superficial friends with lots…..

Now what is it that makes me click instantly with some people….I think it is the sense of humor….I love to laugh…have fun…be happy…and I think  I click with people who  have a good sense or let me say similar sense of humor as mine(what I think is good sense of humor…may be sad sense of humor for others)! And if someone with a decent sense of humor is logical and can also make interesting conversation..now that is like super cool!

And what is it that makes me hate people instantly….? I think I don’t like people who are too aggressive and always want to have their way…..now this is a very surprising and inappropriate reason for me not to like people..…now you may think come on….this is not an inappropriate answer…everybody does not like people who are too aggressive and always want to have their way…but it is and inappropriate reason for me not to like people….cause very often I have a tendency to be very aggressive and want to have my way!!

Someone once told me something very deep (which as usual I did not really understand when it was told initially)….that all the qualities we hate in others are things that we see in ourselves and don’t like….Now next time you hate someone…think of what is it that you hate about them and reflect and see if it is something that you internally hate about yourself …

Now this may not be true for all cases…and even if it is…it would be difficult to admit…that “I” am very similar to the people I think I hate…

But just think about it logically….

There are something’s you like about yourself..

When you meet people who ‘exhibit’ the qualities that you like about yourself….you click with them…and you say…hey wow we are so similar!

Similarly there are things you don’t like about yourself….

When you meet people who ‘exhibit’ the qualities that you don’t like about yourself…you hate them….and you rarely ever say…Hey..yuck…we are so similar!

Makes sense???




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4 responses to “Why do we Like or Dislike Certain People?

  1. Anand.U

    Road Trip…Always Interesting with bunch of strangers…especially if you are holding the steering…all you got know is right is gas…left is break…stay left lane with a speed of 80 miles/hr …no matter what google map says we gotto beat the time alteast by 30 mins…

    even if you are the one holding onto nav seat with handwritten cheatsheet…after an hour wondering… oh god what a terrible handwriting…when did all the sign boards become extinct in this location…breaking into conversation mode again once you see the SHELL Gas Station sign…

    or if you are the one hanging your head outside the window and wondering why we are not driving little slower on the right most lane to enjoy the scenic ride…
    or if you are the one listening to ipod and after skipping nearly about 50 songs wondering…how did all these songs made into my final cut…
    or if you are the one wondering where is the car which was following us with all the snacks in it..

    Does it Makes Sense …I guess …That’s the way it is …hav fun !!!

  2. Imagine if you were to meet your mirror.. someone who thinks exactly like you… when you smile, they exactly know why you are smiling, whether its a sadistic smirk or a genuine happy smile !!! now tht would be fun … or scary ?? whichever way you think.. it makes sense 🙂

  3. Absolutely !!! Good article

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