Mumbai Firing….

The world has gone crazy…..there is indiscriminate firing happening right now somewhere in south Mumbai….Apparently  there is firing by terrorits at 7 locations in South Mumbai…Scary..

South Mumbai is the business district and a very posh Mumbai area…..this is one of the most crowded places in the working hours…luckily it is off peak hours now so the number of people in this area may not be very high….

Two five star hotels Taj and Oberoi  and the CST station is under siege.. firing at Cama hospital….Leopoards……crazy…..crazy crazy….What would this do the image of Mumbai and India as a whole….It will screw it up big time..

Go check out the news…..Don’t know if the news channels are hyping it up or is it really that bad…


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3 responses to “Mumbai Firing….

  1. Anand.U

    Checked the news…It is a terrible sight…you take care!!!

  2. Shocking ! Terrible ! Disgusting !

  3. Kunal

    This is a slap on India’s face..

    BBC says that they could not enter into UK and US, therefore targeting the British and American nationals in a more easier country to get in, India. WTF!!

    Where are the politicians, Not one was seen at the crime scene. Probably scared.. I think we need an Army Rule to bring an end to this..

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