Can ‘I’ Fight Terrorism??

I don’t feel like writing these days 😦 maybe it is the impact of the Mumbai Firining….everything seems so insignificant….I feel like such an insignificant human being incapable of having any power to bring any change…I believe and know that it is all in the head…and you are as significant and powerful as you think you are……and its the thought process that needs to change….

But as of now everything seems so negative…the government seems incapable…the terrorists all powerful…..the army/NSG etc seemed to take forever to get things under control…the media and the socialites just seems to be making noise and nothing is going to come out of it….and this can very easily happen again….and I am quite powerless….

Reading the papers and the news is so depressing…but at the same time it is addictive…..I hate it… I feel angry/sad when you read/watch it…but still I am are compelled to read and watch…

So why are things seeming to negative….? And What can be done about it….Can me an indivisual do anything at all…? Will all these peace rallies, lighting candles etc help…I personally think it is just a publicity stunt….

But how can I contribute as an  individual…and can I make a difference as one person at all?

Some Points to Ponder and Take Action

1)  Follow the security rules however insignificant.. illogical…nonsensical they may be… 

2) Check the security personal if they are not following the protocol

3) Challenge a security protocol that seems in adequate.

These are somethings I have done and I am planning to do in the future…

While parking at malls I normally grumble at the security check post and when they want to check my car…I often have some smart ass comments to pass like “come on….do I look like a terrorist….do you think I am carrying a bomb or a dead body in the dickey….why are you wasting your time etc…

I PROMISE NOT to do this again…

The other day we were driving into the parking lot of a mall and the security guards checked the under the car with the mirror and did not open the dickey ..I actually stopped him and told him…please check the dickey….it is part of the protocol…..

 At work I always crib while having to walk through metal detectors and very often do not walk through them…..cause it seems quite useless … they seem to always beep and no one bothers to check…well this is one of those useless rules…but I promise to follow them and walk through the metal detector..

But can I do more than that?

I think the security procedures at work are very inadequate… bags are  not actually checked? Cars are not checked? Should I challenge the procedure and ensure it is more robust…Or is it too much trouble….office is a safe place…..but then Taj and Trident were also very safe before 26/11…

All it would take is to drop a mail to the admin head…(he has become a friend of mine because of all the ‘security’ rules I have broken so far..)

Please notice this post was all about ME and I and not and not about…WE…..THEM.POLITICIANS..

It is about YOU as an INIDIVISUAL and what YOU can do in your environment to make is slightly safer…

Yes the politicians are screwed up…and Pakistan maybe supporting terrorists and encouraging terrorism in India…but there are things YOU can do at an individual level….. The question is are you ready to do it?

If anyone as any idea’s on how you as an individual  can make your office/building/colony/bus stop/station safer….please share it with all…it may inspire someone to replicate your idea and take inspiration…



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11 responses to “Can ‘I’ Fight Terrorism??

  1. Anand.U

    Well…I dont live in your city so pretty easy for me to say …Everything will be alright…As every country goes through this transition phase where normal citizens awaken themselves to be advanced citizens…

    It should be tough for you to even step out of home and start looking into other person’s eyes… not knowing whether he/she is competent and trustworthy enough to move forward in current situation…looking up to …God… 4 some clarity …

    Just like a kid…lost in a uncertain big city …looking for those magical powers for some help…but luk again closely at those dusted symbols…you will find the clues … to build again those values,norms,discipline,institutions and symbols …this time much better with several others…hav fun!!!

  2. I’m moved.. this is very true.. If u had been reading my blog posts on the past few days, all i was doing is playing the blame game.. I was blaming politicians, the police and what not.. Even news channels for showing inadequate content..

    I’m really thinking the other way, and I’m actually starting to feel guilty about not following the security protocols.. Yes, For the world to change, we need to change..

    Sometimes we can’t change something.. But all we can hope for is that what happened now is the end.. If not the end, We should try and bring it to an end!


  3. I was sleepless most of the nights thinking about the state of mind of people who had no where to run during the attacks.. it’s a very bad feeling and blaming people responsible for it helps me get out of it..


  4. adb

    After reading so many posts, newsclips blaming others for the tragedy that happened, it’s nice to see someone talking about what ‘we’ should do instead of pointing out what ‘they’ should do.
    That should be the spirit!

  5. aplihs

    @ Kunal…It is natural to blame…it is easier to blame…and difficult to take action….I have not yet gone and spoken to my Admin head at work….lets see if I ever take action…

  6. Kunal

    Good Point u bring out.. I have been noticing our security personnel do the same.. It’s the same everywhere!!

    May be because they trust the employees.. Acceptable at Office.. But if the same happens at more public places, The authority needs to be questioned.. It’s no wrong in telling them what they should be doing..

    The authorities on the other hand should respect what we have to say.. Not ignore anything.. I read in some news parer that the fishermen in Gujarat had given a written letter to the police about the suspected people, The Police overlooked it and the whole world saw what the terrorists did… It could have been bigger..

    Lets take responsibility for protecting our nation!! Lets not take our security for granted..


  7. Hii Shilpa!!

    Well, thats surely a different take and a good one too. Its very important for us to follow the security protocols overselves before we blame others.

    BUT, ever seen a security guard asking you not to give the metal detector a miss?? You pass through them – good for you. You dont – Good for them!!

    Most of the time, I am not carrying my ID cards and I am let off when I say – C’mon, you see me here Everyday!!

    You must be thinking I am playing the blame game again. But I want to emphasise is that You need Two to Tango (too dramatic I know 😉 )

    If the People responsible for Security go easy on us, then we can’t expect the general public to be aggressive about it!

    Following the Rules is our ‘Moral’ Responsibilty but to make us follow them is the ‘DUTY’ of these people. That’s what they are made for, that’s what they are paid for.

    But barring all this, I really feel that neglecting the security procedures is something we cannot afford to do, particularly at this time.

    I hope this comes under the eyes of someone who can take Concrete Actions about it.


  8. nandita

    Well that’s true for sure and good way to move ahead…instead of blaming as always, we should take up the individual responsibility to make our country safe and secure…rather than grumbling at the security personnels…so its a wake up call for we all INDIANS…


  9. Abhishek

    I think we all need to think like this – what can we do to help? Every small contribution if made by millions will make a difference!

  10. On the eve of Id, Aamir Khan said the same thing. Looks like you have got some esteemed audience for your blog.

  11. Anand.U

    Little Princess…
    Does one incident …
    …changes everything ???

    Taj reopened and showed the world that incidents wont lead to any missing chapters…after all Journey is the reward in this life…Merry Christmas…hav fun!!!

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