Destiny Cards!!

I love these sites which talk about destiny/astrology/Tarro Cards  etc…A cousin of mine recomended this site to me and I though my cards were intersting…

Check it out

Here is what my predictions were like..

Birth Card: The Birth Card is the most important symbol of your karmas for this lifetime. It is also called the Soul Card or the Sun Card.

Birth Card : Jack of Clubs: The Mentally Creative Card

Creative or dishonest? Which is which? As we can imagine, those who are the most creative can also be the most dishonest and vice versa. Here is a card of mental and financial creativity and these people are no lazy bones. Their brilliant minds are far ahead of the common person and society. They are the people of the Aquarian Age. As members of the royal family they dislike pettiness and tend to be somewhat impatient with the failings of others. They need respect and a position that allows their brilliant minds free reign to create and explore. They are never at a loss for ideas, some of which will bring them huge financial returns. On the negative side, the Jack of Clubs can be irresponsible and in some cases, dishonest. They can see things from so many levels that nothing is really “wrong” – it is just another way of looking at things. They don’t get away with much in that regard though. Saturn’s swift chastisement always reminds them of the boundaries that keep them balanced and fair in their dealings.

My Karma Cards are the:

Jack of Diamonds – You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way.

Ten of Hearts – This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

(Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.)

Moi Views and Wise Cracks..

Well ya…this card is true to a certain extent…I am very honest as a person…..but there was a friend of mine who used to tell me that I am honest to the world but I tend to lie to myself and I believe in the ‘lie’ that I tell myself that eventually it seems like the truth!

Umm I dont know if I do that …but maybe I do…that…but what is wrong with that….

The Year 2009

The Basic Meaning of the Three of Clubs

The Three of Clubs is the card of mental creativity, so much so that it is called the ‘Writer’s Card’. On the other hand, it can be the card of worry and indecision and mental stress. Whenever this card appears in your reading, you will have an opportunity to either get the benefits of heightened creativity of mind, or suffer the liability of more stress and indecision.

 Use this influence for writing, either personally or professionally. Express yourself to all you meet and you will reap positive rewards.


Moi Views and Wise Cracks..

I hope i get over my indecisiveness….and hope to write a lot more..since I have the writers card for the year!

 52 Day Prediction Starting Jan 5th 2008

The Basic Meaning of the Six of Hearts

 The Six of Hearts is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. This card will demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your closest relationships. You may find that you have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish this as well.

On a more universal level, the Six of Hearts may also reveal to you a special purpose in your life, one of helping others by sharing love with them. You may become aware of a special mission that you are to perform when this card appears. It is the card of peace and of intuitively knowing how to love others in a spiritual sense.

 Moi Views and Wise Cracks..

Deep eh…….well I could do with some balance! I have been responsible! Lets see how the next 52 days go…Looks like this is valid upto 9th Feb!


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  1. Kunal

    I’m going to have this in my blog too! Of course my predictions 🙂

    Nice link 🙂 Keep posting


  2. @Kunal…:-) Look forward to see your post….

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