Gently Falls The Bakula- Sudha Murthy

I picked up this book on my way back from work today, started reading it on the way back in the train and I have already finished the book! Now that says a lot about the book and a little bit about my obsession of finishing a good book once I start it!

Sudha Murty is one of my favorite authors…I think I have read all her books….I love her style of writing..she is so down to earth…I had a chance to attend one of her talks and meet her…and she  talks just like she writes…ek dum dil se!

“Gently Falls the Bakula” is suppose to be one of her first books. It is a story of a bright intelligent girl Shrimati who falls in love and gets married to her classmate Shrikant (Shri) …who is also very intelligent but Shrimati is always  out ranks Shrikant in all exams and clearly the smarter and more intelligent among the two!

Their romance is so cute and unadulterated and maybe almost unreal in today’s time’…well after all it is a book written almost 3o years ago…but it is still very endearing and relatable! The story is like a Hindi movie….their families are neighbors in a small Karnataka town who don’t get along because of some ancestral  disputes on property. After school Shri goes to IIT to become an engineer and Shrimati does her MA in history(she tops her 10th  board exams…but chooses to do history cause she is passionate about it!) and their friendship continues to grow

Eventually they get married…but Shrikant’s mother never really accepts the Shrimati…They move out of the small town in Hubli to Mumbai…Shrikant becomes a super successful IT professional and from a software engineer becomes the MD of the company in a short span of 10 years…Shrimati gives up on her career and her love for history and becomes the dutiful wife to the rising corporate star..

This book is about her life and her feelings….It is a very well written book….quick and easy to read…I like most of the book except her monologues on history…..Overall a good read…Although I really don’t know if I like the call that she takes in the end….maybe deep down I am still  a believer of the old school thoughts!

PS:-In case you are wondering about the name of the book….Bakula is a name of a flower…and their initial romance started around a Bakula tree…Gently falls the Bakula I think signifies how slowly the romance fades out!



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13 responses to “Gently Falls The Bakula- Sudha Murthy

  1. Rubina

    Very beautifully written. I feel that Gently falls the bakula can also be interpreted as how shrimati gave up everything because she wanted to be a dutiful and loving wife to shrikant. In the process she lost her own identity and those days wherein she used to out rant shrikant merely became a matte of the past. It signifies the falling of shrimati in a way that her life became meaningless and worthless…

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  3. a.narahari

    your book is very very dirty and bad i did not like your book at all all your writtren books are dirty . please stop writing your books and stop all publishing books of yours.

  4. vaishnavi

    ur all books r relly very beautiful. i have read all most all ur books.Pls. keep on writting more and more books……

  5. saktimayee

    wow… its really heart touching. I would love to read ur books.. keep it up..

  6. shasna

    gently alls the bakula s a very gud boook … i loved t ….. actually i dont kno how many times i had read t nd how mny times i m8 read t ……… ths awesom buk tells us abt hw th women r givng up their likes all of a sudden 4 keepng p wd their loved ones…………. thank u 4 writing ths buk……… actually i admire u…… v used to have lessons n english abt ur lyf nd how u taught ur granny to read nd write ……….. keep up ur lyf !!!!

  7. Meghana

    It’s realy an awesum story!!! I liked it a lot!!!

  8. Jenishia

    Good book and every one should read it

  9. Nisha bhaskar

    I love this book…and i m in 9th std…and my favourite book is how ‘i thaugt my grandmother to read’

  10. Arya

    Why, i hated Shrimathi because she was not ambitious. a person without fire or ambition is a dead person!
    But, i also liked her character, but not the subject she chose History. HOW boring!
    It’s a very god book and I liked Shrikanth more because he’s ambitious and not much emotional. He cares about his own life and success and aims and goals, which I LOVE!

  11. Maitreyi

    Please everyone, forgive my selfish little sister Arya. And Mrs. Sudha Murthy, if you ever check this website and read Arya’s comment, please forgive her. She is a mad cat!

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