The White Tiger : Arvind Adiga

J Finished yet another book today!!!….yeah I am getting good and fast and finishing books one after the other…lets see how long this current phase lasts…It is one of those periodic phases where everything takes a back seat…sleeping..friends.…phones….family….etc…does not last too long….maybe its just that I have picked fiction written by India authors and they have manage to catch my attention…

Anyways…enough of me….and not about the book…The very famous man booker prize winner for 2008 (I wonder…is there a woman booker prize also??!!) “The White Tiger”…by Arvind Adiga

Well.. “ Its different!”  Now for people who know me would know that I use the words  “Its different” when I don’t know for sure if I liked something or not…I think overall I liked is…..I guess that is why I would sit up till 3 in the night and read and missed my evening walks to finish the book…..

The entire book is a letter written by a  semi- literate man (he calls himself the half backed man!) to the Prime Minister of China narrating his life story with a purpose to educate him about entrepreneurship!! This boy is born in some godforsaken village near Gaya…..he does not really get an education…lives like a rat…..a servant to the rich people…dreams to become a bus conductor with a uniform…becomes a driver to some rich coal merchants…

It is an amazing narrative of what life looks like from the eyes of the drivers/servants….. what they do/think/feel waiting outside restaurants/offices/malls for hours together serving the ‘masters’….Their half baked understating out of snippets of overheard conversations in English. The entire story revolves around people who have traditionally been on  the sidelines!!!


Well what I personally did not like too much about the book was the portrayal of Indian villages and the pathetic conditions of the poor people…but I guess it is by and large true…so you cant really hold it against the author.  The writing style is quite interesting….it portrays a pathetic  picture but yet it is not preachy sad or gruesome, infact it is almost funny !!

The good part of the book is that it has an happy ending…I hate movies and books with sad or ambiguous ending….luckily this is not one of them……

Overall a good book….Its differnt! 🙂


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  1. Andrea

    My boss recommended me this book. It shows to some extent the vicious circle of corruption. Basically it starts with teachers not doing their job. The main character (being a victim) later becomes a delinquent himself on a totally different issue although he himself has realized to some extent that what he does is not good. But did he in his position ever have a choice in his life? Should he have stayed with the family? But then he could not have supported them his sisters, cousins could not have been married… So tragic!

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