Rab Ne Bana De Jodi

I know it is a little late to write a review for this movie now….but believe it or not…..in spite of being a ShahRuk Khan fan….(well not a fan really…..but just like Shahruk Khan type of movies) I just saw it today morning!!

And despite what a lot of people have had to say about the movie….I quite like it…it was cute…and not more unrealistic than all the other movies in the genere…(Read they are quite believable if you look at it from my eyes!)

So what was the movie about..? Now I don’t really want to write the plot….cause it sounds quite stupid…..Suri and Taani are married…Suri is a very booring middle class man….Taani is not in love with him….Suri gets a make over and becomes Raj they participates in a dance competition …Taani falls in love with Raj and does not even realize it is her husband…ya I know it sounds stupid an unrealistic…and that is the reason I did not watch the movie all this time…but it is really not all that bad….it is done well…

So what did I like about the movie……well…I think I liked it cause it was about love!!

Suri is so cute and so much in love with Taani….Raj is also quite cute…and so over the top…trying to hard to please…he is cutely irritating..:-D (now you need to see the movie to know what cutely irritating means!)

I quite liked the songs in the movie…..they sound much better now after watching the movie.. “Ek Step Aage Aage”…sounded quite silly before I saw the movie….but not in context it is quite nice!

“Tujhme Rab Dikta hai…yaara mein kya karo”….THE SONG of the movie….:-)“When you are in love….you will see God(Rab) in the person….and like all the Yash Raj movie……the underling theme of the movie is that marriages/love stories are made in heaven and written by God! J I guess that is what I liked about the movie!

I am basically quite a sucker for the Yash Raj mushy candy floss movies….they make it for people like me…who like to believe in love!


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4 responses to “Rab Ne Bana De Jodi

  1. Kunal

    Of course was cute, but the speed at which the movie moves on was quite irritating! I hated the silence in the first 10 mins of the movie.. They could have edited that portion or added some background score..

    Anushka a.k.a Taani makes a good debut.. She looks cute and acts good..

    Boring but because the JODI looked good, it held me in the seat for the full movie!

    PS: Had been to CC2C, and if u r not a Akshay or deepika Fan u may hate the movie.. I sure liked the movie.. Will review it soon 🙂

  2. 🙂 Well I missed the first ten minutes of the movie!! I guess that is why I liked it!!

  3. Kunal

    I tell you.. It was the bad opening to what they called ‘Revival of the Yash Raj banner’..

    Signing off..

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