Photo Hunt 09

Went for an interesting Rotaract project last Sunday organized by Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar called the “Photo Hunt 09”…

Project Concept…

  • Each Team(2-4 participants) were given a set of 120 situations of which they have click photographs
  • Teams were given a time of 3 hours.
  • All photographs were suppose to have at least one participant wearing the AIDS red ribbon ( Brilliant idea to ensure that old photographs were not submitted)
  • Teams were not allowed to split.(Photo’s from only 1 camera would be checked!)
  • There were points assigned to each situation….you get bonus points if you merge three or more situations in one picture
  • The team that gets the highest number of points wins!

Simple eh! Yup! The rules were simple and well thought of….but the actual meat of the game were the “120 clues/tasks” to be photographed!!

Some Random Sample clues..

Sit on a Dog….Do Yogaasan on a Bus Stop….Picture of a man with Red Pants!….Kissing a condom machine…..doing the titanic pose in a public toilet…Driving a rickshaw….Riding a tricycle….Triple Seat on a Bicycle….On the top of a truck….with your passport and voting card…With foam on your head..riding on a horse…..Doing pull ups in the ladies compartment of the train…milking a cow…etc etc etc….you get the drift.. J …..120 diverse fundoo tasks…entire Mumbai at your disposal…..but just 180 minutes…!!

Boy was it fun or what!!  We managed to get only about 50 of the 120 tasks done….and obviously we lost…..not sure how many tasks the winning team completed….not sure what the prizes were…(since we knew we were not winning we did not sit till the end!) But we had a ball…and that’s all that matters!!

Lesson Learn’t : – Don’t strategize too much….just do it…(in this case just click)….next time you take part….quickly read the clues and run!! If you see a potential picture…just click…you will never get time to come back to the place and click again!!

Can these lessons be translated to life at large….? I think yes it can…..

Don’t strategize too much….Life is short….Just Do it……!

PS- I will put up some of the snaps that we took…if and when I get them from the camera owner of my team…

Bottom lineThe Verdict: – Photo Hunt 09 was fun…and Rotaract Rocks…if you are between 18 to 30 and have never been a part of Rotaract….boy….you are missing something….go find your nearest Rotaract Club!!




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5 responses to “Photo Hunt 09

  1. aplihs

    🙂 Hobo…May be to what?

  2. Kunal

    Wow! Simply lived through each of clue you described.. I have to find a Rotract now..

    Do put up the pictures.. U’ll be in pain posting them diretly to wordpress, Instead upload them to picasa ot flickr and give link here..


  3. Kunal Janu

    Where are the photos?

    Kunal Janu

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