MTV Rodies…What is wrong with them!!??

I like MTV Rodies….have been a mid session follower across all the previous sessions…..and this time I decided to catch up with Rodies from the very beginning…For the first time I saw the auditions and they were interesting…Raghu and Rajiv were fundoo, a little irritating but overall entertaining and made me feel…. “I wanna be on the hot seat and give it back to them….!”

Like all other viewers I was looking forward to the Journey to start….and it did…and Oh What a disappointment it has been so far…..First episode…..half the people are selected randomly to be safe, the other half are made to  do a task and then more than half are unceremoniously thrown out….WTH! Some of the people who were thrown out may just have proved to be interesting…especially one chick who sounded like she was from the North East….her audition was quite good and I was looking forward to see her in the show….but Boom..first episode she is out…..we did not even get to figure out what her name is!

Anyways….I guess they could not take so many people on the journey……never mind…..let see  the second episode….And  I partly saw today….what lousy tasks…..!!!!

The girls were asked some weird  questions in Hindi (Like what is internet called in Hindi…..!! God knows…I watched the episode and yet I don’t know) and if they answered wrong….the boys would get hit with a rod in between their legs….WTF….it was quite gross and  so not funny to watch…the poor guys were in pain….Do the MTV  Rodies producers think it is funny and entertaining to see people being hit on the balls in their underpants???  Please think again….

It was quite  a pathetic  task… non adventurous…..non entertaining… quite silly…..and so not happening….I hope they pull up their socks and come up with better tasks for future episodes!

What did you guys out there think about the episode and he task….?  



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4 responses to “MTV Rodies…What is wrong with them!!??

  1. I wish to meet Raghu & Rajiv.
    And regarding the show “Yes, its different”
    Goodluck participants.

  2. Kunal

    About the task.. Not roadies..

    Picking shit for that matter was ewwwww.. How did the roadies do it! The very thought gives me yucky feeling..

    Only the auditions are a lot fun to watch.. I do however remember one task from Roadies 5.0.. Strip.. Guys had to lose one part of their clothing if their partner answered it wrong.. Why guys? but that was funny..

    Who wrote the National Anthem? A girl in an instant said.. “Subash Chandra Bose”.. Now that’s IQ..

    I like roadies because..
    “Thank you bhagwan, tumne mujhe aisa nahi banaya!” – Rajeev (Audition with Devarshi)


  3. adb

    Ouch! Sounds brutal.
    I don’t follow the series… now I’m glad I don’t.

    But I must say, if someone is stupid enough to agree to get hit in the groin voluntarily…. they deserve it. Tis one of the many ways of jumpstarting the brain.

    btw… I guess internet in Hindi would be antarjaal (?)

  4. i do catch up a little of Roadies too. The tasks are edgy and gross, but I think that is exactly what the makers are striving at… eyeball. as much as we say we hate the show, we just can’t help but wait for the next episode to begin!!

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