Teach India: Over!!??

I was super excited about the teaching  English sessions organized by the Kotak Education Foundation (KEF)….the first few weeks were good…and then I think the NGO lost control somewhere…Volunteers would come…but the kids did not turn up…kids would come volunteers would not come….sessions were held sporadically and there was no continuity…

For the last four/five weeks I would get a message every Friday telling me that there was no session this week and we will inform you of progress and this week(appreciate that they were organized enough to send a message about the sessions being cancelled!) but this week I get a message saying that the sessions are over…!

Boom….so abrubt….just an e-mail saying its over….

Overall  the entire program very badly organized and managed….I don’t know who is responsible…Times Group which came up with the campaign or Kotak Education Foundation who we as volunteers were assigned to and they could not effectively leverage and utilize the resources that they got…

Overall a disappointment…Wish Teach India Campaign was better handled…Anyways…now that it is officially over…I can move on and search for my next volunteering activity and not be hung up and wait for a message  from KEF updates vey week…

Would love to hear views and experiences of any other people who were a part of Teach India/Kotak Education Foundation…



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5 responses to “Teach India: Over!!??

  1. Anand.U

    I was very disappointed to read that “Teach India” Initative is all over. All the ground work is wasted and any creditiblity existed is now lost forever.One more “No Accountability” story continues in India … Time to Move on …hav fun !!!

  2. adb

    You should be happy that you had a couple of sessions atleast. I was asked to contact a father in one if the missionary schools n see if I can contribute ‘something’. I ended up chatting with him for an hour and getting back home disappointed. No kids involved at all! Like Anand says…move on….have fun.

  3. Kunal

    Yes, u have been lucky to having been involved in some sessions.. I was only disappointed to see that no such event was held in chennai.. It was only initiated and not monitored..

    Even i had stopped sending them emails asking for it.. They did not bother to send me any either.. Did not work out both ways, so time to move on..

  4. prakash jotwani

    well, i think i have been very lucky on this account. I am working under CEE in Ahmedabad for teach india campaign, and have done 6 sessions till now, regularly. I think the credit goes to CEE for being very professional in their attitude and the co-ordinators are always available and ready to solve our smallest problems, as and when they arise. and we are quite satisfied with the results.
    wish u a better NGO nxt time.
    this campaign is wonderful experience!!

  5. Huh

    ya its horrible….the organization, the ppl in kef…wit horrible attitude n no knack for how to handle ppl

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