Slum Dog Millionaire!

There is so much about the movie all over…on TV in the papers on Radio….so I am not going to write another review of the movie…

All I will say is go watch it….. I was a little skeptical to watch the movie cause I heard that it portrays Mumbai is very bad light and since  I love Mumbai …it is unlikely that I will like any movie that shows Mumbai in a bad light…..but it is not too bad…and although the movie portrays the beggars/ragpickers/dumping grounds/the slums…basically the filth of Mumbai….it is not about that….it is about Jamal…who is a slum dog….( they are literally treated like dogs…it is sad….) his life and his experiences and his destiny…

The catch line of the movie is ….“Destiny : Its written…!”

I don’t know if I believe in Destiny….actually I think I do…..but I also believe in that we have the freedom to choose……and if we listen to our heart and listen to the signs our guardian angels give us (ya I also believe in guardian angels…will write about  how to understand the signs they give us someday!)…we will take the right decisions…( I don’t know what the meaning of RIGHT is though!)



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5 responses to “Slum Dog Millionaire!

  1. i totally agree as others only see indias damn poverty and not its progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  2. Life is a story written/directed by God may be.
    We are actors to act.

  3. Anand.U

    Slum Dog Millionaire …

    Well…It is one among the best movies in recent times here in US.I liked the core concept of the movie.My good friends here rate it very high …better than Gran Torino…(which i thought was best movie of the year)

    Sometimes It makes so much sense to see India through eyes of a Foreigner.It opened my mind to see why most of Indians live their lives just like how they were born…just waiting for this whole bad movie to end in a free country…when miracle doesnt seems to be happening…

    Nice to see the movie making waves all over the world especially A.R.Rahman’s songs…hav fun!!!

  4. Kunal

    We seem to complain more about it than to accept it.. it is the core truth! Are we doing anything for it?

  5. Kunal

    The catch line reminds me of what i recall as a dialogue from the movie “Next”:

    “There’s a thing about future, When you know it, It Changes”

    We cant see our future, nor change the destiny.

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