The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella

Well….this was a book recommended by a girl at work….it was an author I have never heard about….a woman author and a nice pink cover… I grabbed to book….and since it was fiction….and I was on vacation (ya I was on vacation yet again…lucky me!)…I managed to finish the book!

The book is so-so…nothing great…It is about a girl who is obsessed with shopping and cannot manage her finances and is majorly in debt…she has overshot the use of her credit cards and is unable to pay her bills! It is ironical that she is a financial journalist and also advices other people on how to manage their finances!

I personally could not relate much to the book……I do like shopping….and love a sale….but I am not at all ‘brand’ conscious like this chick in the book ….and  I have never used a credit card… buying more than what I can afford is a concept which is alien to me….I guess it is very relevant to the American society and not so much to us here….

Also the protagonist  is someone who lies through a teeth…sometime for the heck of it…other times  to get out of a difficult situation….everything in the book revolves around lies….it is all sooo pseudo….I know people like that in real life also…and I just cant stand them….

So basically the book was not bad….but since I did not like the protagonist …I did not like it too much…just too pseudo for my liking!


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  1. Chirag

    You grabbing the book because of pink cover just proves that packaging is more important than the product itself specially if the target segment consists mainly of female members 😉 ….

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