Keep off the Grass – Karan Bajaj

Just chanced on the book…..came home one day and it was kept on my bed…someone gave it to my bro…

Since it was an Indian author….I picked the book…it is about a 25 year old ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) who is a high flying investment banker in New York and he decides to leave all that and come to India to find the meaning of life and he joins IIM Bangalore and become a junkie..and spends two years drinking and smoking grass…

The book is fiction….and an failed attempt to philosophy…what is the meaning of life…etc etc…

Normally books about IIM/IIT or any other campus makes you feel you want to be a part of the campus and all the fun…but reading this makes you feel thank god you are not at the IIM’s!

So any of you heart broken souls…..who did not get through to IIM….read this book…..and you will be glad!

PS: If the author was trying to portray, how much the IIM’s suck…he did a brilliant job…..but if he was attempting philosophy…he failed!


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One response to “Keep off the Grass – Karan Bajaj

  1. Chirag

    Don’t you think that he portraying IIMB like that is more a statement on his character and attitude than the fault of the system … The same system has produced people second to none …. End of the day its about the individual and the system can only help … i feel IIMB or any other campus for that matter provides u the environment to do whatever you want … The choice is individual !!

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