Plastic Power

‘Plastic Power’….sounds like a something  to do with to credit cards on the first look….but that is not what I am writing about here….This is inspired from an article I read in Fortune today afternoon which I thought was quite interesting….

‘Plastic Power’ refers   a new lightweight, flexible, and cheap material that converts indoor and outdoor light into electricity developed by a  US based company Konarka

It is like a solar panel that rolls up like camera film… interesting eh! In a few years, Rick Hess the CEO says, Konarka will have perfected a translucent version of its product that could be built into the windows of skyscrapers, generating enough power to run whole buildings!!

How does it work : It falls under what is called the “Thin-film solar technology” . The film rolls off a converted printing press that used to belong to Polaroid. It prints a secret plastic ink onto rolls of thin film. As it absorbs light, the polymer ink emits electrons, producing electricity!

The Positives:

  • It is much cheper than traditional silicon panels
  • It is flexible so can be moulded around anything

The Negatives

  • Not nearly as efficient or durable as traditional silicon panels. (Konarka’s cells convert about 6% of the light that hits them into electricity, whereas silicon solar panels typically are 16% to 20% efficient.)
  • Power Plastic lasts only about five years as opposed to more than 30 with silicon panels

But’nt it!??!!….

Read the whole article at…


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  1. Kunal

    Lot of other technologies have been around the same concept.. It’s just that we are not working towards making anyone the best!

    Pretty cool stuff around us..

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