Delhi 6 –Absolutely Disastrous…!!

Firstly Delhi 6 is  a misnomer for the movie….it should have been called… “Kaala Bandar”……yes friends…that is what the movie is about….A Kaala Bandar…..and had they named it right I am sure a lot of people would be put off by the name and not bother to watch it for 3 hours!

Now I did go for a movie in the first week trusting Rajiv Masand’s review on the movie…..he gave it 3 stars and quite a decent review only to realize that IBN/TV 18 seem to be some sort of partners for the movie…..every time they wanted to show Indian news as a part of the narrative (which was a lot!) it was one of the TV 18 channels that were featured….and hence I guess Rajiv Masand may have been forced to give a decent review….Rajiv…I am as disappointed with you as I am with the movie….I used to trust his reviews!!

Now for the movie….why was it such a disappointment….and what is Kaala Bandar…..!

I don’t know if you’ll remember there was some bullshit news a few years which was capitalized by channels like Aaaj Tak …IBN 7 about a monkey man who is robbing people and generally causing a chaos and there are multiple theories on what is this big monkey…is it an animal…is it a man….is it a machine……many speculations fueled by IBN 7 type of channels…..the kind of news also which you would switch channels and not watch…..well dear friends….this movie is just about that… is goes on for three hours and there is not channel to change…!!

It is about how this story of the Monkey Man spreads in Chandni Chowk..(Delhi 6)…and the chaos and the communal riots it creates….

Sonam barely has much of a role in the movie….Abhisek is irritating with his put on accent…..he looks fat and old in the movie…..the romance is quite non-existent….the songs are very brief in the movie….and are placed there for the heck of it…they do not really add to the story or take the story ahead…everyone is so over the top….that it is bad….

BTW….did you know ‘MaskAli’ from the very hum-able song of the same name is the name of an unimportant pigeon who has no role as such to play in the movie!!

What were they thinking when they made this movie… it really the same director who made Rang De Basanti…..or I guess the credit for Rang De should be given to Aamir Khan and not to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra!!!

Overall very avoidable movie…..and don’t trust Rajeev Masand’s review…..cross check…..



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6 responses to “Delhi 6 –Absolutely Disastrous…!!

  1. Kunal

    “it is goes on for three hours and there is not channel to change…!!”

    I’m taking your word for it, deciding to skip the movie! Thanks..

    The credit of Rang De Basanti should go to the story more than the directors or the actors.. I think it was the story that brought the audiences!

  2. Rahul

    Amen to your review. saw the movie since it was sponsored by our boss (so had to see it). It was one of the most frustrating movies I have ever seen. Slow pace , no story line and the end was beyond imaginable (how could dress like a monkey to propose to you girlfriend when the whole crowd is looking for the monkey).

  3. abc

    cent percent argee wid U. I saw first day first show, after movie I got headche. why i came for this stupid movie. over all lesson to learnt from delhi-6 is
    Past performance of director may not sustain in future watch movie at your know risk. Making movie superhit is subject to the Subject of movie!

  4. abc

    one more thing media reviews r no longer their know views . it just ‘paid’ news now days. Money can buy anything n eveything.

  5. I warned Ambika.. However she went for the movie and see what happened!
    Ambika on Delhi-6

    Blog Update

  6. I didn’t mind the movie too much. It was okay. See my review here:

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