Feeling Blue….

Just one of those days when you feel kind of sad and lonely…….you may  have lot of friends…..but don’t really feel like talking to anyone….and cause you don’t  really feel like talking to anyone so feel even more lonely……vicious cycle indeed…..

I don’t know if this has happens to other people……but it happens to me quite a few times ..….I feel like talking to someone…..I feel like I want to be around people and have a meaningful conversation…..and just be myself……but I look at the phone book in my cell phone and there is not a single person I feel like talking to…..:-( and then I think to myself…..what is with me….why is it that I feel this void when I have such wonderful people around…the perfect job… ..the perfect life!!

Its like water water all around and not a drop to drink….:-(

Well life is not bad actually…..and I have no right to feel blue…..again I don’t know if anyone else feels this….very often I feel that I don’t have the ‘right’ to feel ‘sad’…..cause my life is so perfect compared to all those other people  out there who don’t have families…may not have food….may be staying in war torn regions….may be ill…..you know what I mean…..like what am I cribbing or feeling sad about….I don’t have anyone I feel like talking to…come on…that is not even a valid reason!!

So I get up….and DECIDE….I don’t want to feel ‘blue’ any more…..smile…..and start feeling happy again!!

Try it….act happy….and you  start to feel happy……it does get a little tiring to act happy at times….but it is less tiring than being sad!!



PS : Btw….one more very well kept secret…  which works when you are feeling sad……Go to the bathroom…lock the door and …Cry….it helps!! J



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5 responses to “Feeling Blue….

  1. Ah.. The same feeling.. It happens very often to me.. All i try to do then is close my eyes and go to sleep.. Lately i found that it was more because i had been stresses a lot by work and needed a break.. took one and now I’m a happier person.. 😛


  2. Never had to try bathroom.. I guess I dont get that emotional.. Cricket was a great stress buster, i’m not playing and I’m looking for an alternative!

  3. aplihs

    🙂 Ya…I think i need a break again! I think i need a monthly break outside the city!

  4. rahul

    in a citi where u get lost in teh numbers, where there is namelessness on teh streets, u can just go for a drive or a walk by the sea!……i do that when such a feeling engulfs me 🙂

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