Fluttering/ Twitching Eyes…

My eyes have been twitching and fluttering last few days….sometimes the right one….and lately the left one….did some quick Google search to see why it happens and here is what I got….from Yahoo Answers


Fatigue or lack of sleep
Over consumption of caffeine
Physical or emotional stress
Anxiety or phobias
Brain damage or other neurological disorders
Associated with temper tantrums (especially in children)
Eye stress associated with extended viewing of the computer screen


Umm…the most likely reason seems to be….too much computer screen……anxiety/stressed ( I really don’t know what I am anxious/ stressed about….but there other other symptoms as well….maybe I need to write to figure out what is causing stress)

Ah..and another thing..which I don’t see in this list……I think I need specks….that just be the
actual reason

Consult a doctor if –

Twitches that cause your eyelids to completely close
Experience redness, swelling, or discharge from the eye
Experience sensitivity to light or vision is blurred
Twitching extends from the eye to other parts of the face
Twitches are uncomfortable or painful
Twitches increase in frequency and intensity
Twitches do not disappear within a 7 day week
Twitches are accompanied by a fever

None of the above are applicable…. but it is just a little irritating! so I guess I don’t need to see a doc yet…my baby doc at home would be enough for the time being…

Here are some  recommended home remedies to try

hot baths
cold compresses
warm compresses
eye drops
flushing eyes with water


Bought rose water to put in the eyes…..will try to put cucumber on the eyes…it is normally very relaxing….and will also try other recommended remedies…..and will try and stay away from the comp… so now you know why there may not be blogs from me for sometime….(may not succeed….and I may just come back online soon to write…..)

Till then…..Chow……..may my twitching eyes get back to normal soon!!



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2 responses to “Fluttering/ Twitching Eyes…

  1. Easier said than done..
    “Take a break!”

    I find it hard during office hours, I want to get into this habit very fast!

    (Blog Update)

  2. George

    Man Its been bugging me for about a week now… Im just hoping its nothing serious.

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