Mumbai Election Date Announced- Looong weekend ..Party Time!!

Mumbai elections on Thursday 30th  April……Holiday!? At least so I am told that election day is a holiday…… that gives us a loooong  four day weekend….!!!!


So this is what that weekend looks like….


Thursday April 30th – Election Holiday

Friday May 1st – Maharastra Day

Saturday  My 2nd– Weekend Off for lucky people like me with 5 day weeks!

Sunday May 3rd – Weekend off for everyone!


But please people….don’t go on a holiday…..please vote and then enjoy you looong weekend!


Btw…just a though….do you think that the politicians have timed elections in ‘urban’ constituencies’ like ours in such a way to give us a looong weekend…with a hope that many of us prefer to take a weekend break and get away from the city instead of voting… maybe a far fetched though but it sure is possible is’nt it….so let the politicians not succeed in their evil plans….and let us enjoy a nice long weekend….after we cast our vote!


Btw…this post come from someone who has been eligible to vote at least for the last 10 years and has never cast her vote even once…..I plan to change it this time…I hope I manage to get my self registered to vote this time!



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5 responses to “Mumbai Election Date Announced- Looong weekend ..Party Time!!

  1. abc

    its Maharashtra day …

  2. Kunal

    Go vote! Every single vote counts..
    All politicians are the same, it’s matter of choosing the better one out of the worst..

    please do not vote this time…..and forever

    DONT join the army…..
    Then lets see how long these filthy politicains will survive
    for more.go through,…………

  4. Anup

    When is voting day in New Mumbai?

    I have been unlucky with google looking for it. Is it same as Mumbai ?

  5. Anup

    Abstaining from vote is a bad idea.
    If you dont want to vote for anyone party, then use 49-0, your vote will be counted.

    At least you can proudly say you voted without compromising on your principle.

    More on this …

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