Srilankan Cricket Team Shot at in Pakistan…

The top news of the day… grabbed all eye balls……Audacious …..but if it can happen in Mumbai….it can sure happen in Pakistan….

What if it was the Indian team!!?? What if we had not cancelled our tour to Pakistan and Sachin Tendulkar would have been shot….!!??? It would have been catastrophic… India would surely have go  on war with Pakistan!

Srilankan government seems to be silent… least the news channels don’t seem to be saying much on their reaction…..Imagine what if it was a ‘gora’  team that was attacked….the Autralian’s…..or the British…..I think the world reaction would have been more intense…

The news channels were having a ball……analysis….rumors ….video clips…the works…..the srilankan players were being whisked in a helicopter to safety…..and then there was the icing on the cake….I don’t know if you guys saw it….the Srilankan players were actually taking pictures of the helicopter and some were actually also posing next to it….how crazy! I could not find an exclusive video on the photo session….but the link below give you a glimpse….it is towards the end of the link….you see the players walking towards the helicopter and taking pictures!! What is this making the best of a bad situation!!??


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2 responses to “Srilankan Cricket Team Shot at in Pakistan…

  1. Mike

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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  2. Anand.U

    Nice to see you back on the Land to Dance…Watching National Geographic channel…Heading out to sea for sea diving with all the blue sometimes can get tricky…hav fun !!!

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