The Last Lecture By Randy Pauch

This book was gifted to out of the blue by a friend’s friend who I was meeting for the first time…..I love books…I love to have people recommend books (They are normally nice!)….obviously I love gifts…..and I love gifts out of the blue even more…..!!

Infact it was this book that got started into a bout of reading and finishing books….this review has been pending for quite some time and here it comes!

Randy Pauch professor at Carnegie Mellon University who is diagnosed with Cancer and has very few days to live…he is invited to give a last lecture to his students in the university…..this book is about this last lecture….and this last lecture is about life….and about lessons he would like to teach his children when they grow up… may sound like it is one of those ‘preachy’ but somehow it is not…..there is something nice about the book and I cant really pinpoint what it is…..


The lecture is titled….” Really achieving your Childhood Dreams” and he lists some seven things he dreamed of as a child…..some things he achieved…somethings he did not……but it makes an interesting reading…it is a small 200 page book which makes an easy read…..everyone who reads the book would have some take away’s from the book…..


Randy talks about a concept called “Head Fakes”  from football wherein the player moves his head in one direction to give people an impression that he is going that way but actually turns and goes the opposite direction…….and then he compares it to life….and says…that ‘head fakes’ are things that people learn in the process of doing things….they don’t even realize what they are learning until they are deep down into the process….the book is about many such “Head Fakes”…you read it…enjoy it and don’t even realize you have learn’t something out of it…


My key take away’s were ( Read it..I am sure you will have your own set…and please share it!)


1)      Just Ask: If you want something….Just ask…..

2)      Have something to bring to the table….it will make you more welcome…

3)      When it comes to men who are romatically inclined towards just you..ignore everything they say…and pay attention to what they do!

4)      Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want!

5)      Tell the truth….At all times!

6)      When you are screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore that means they’ve given up on you

 The video of this last lecture is available online….you can see it……but I suggest try and get the book….there is something is nice about it!





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7 responses to “The Last Lecture By Randy Pauch

  1. Nick Vujicic – another example.
    I am sad when I read post but then I find inspiration/motivation.
    Claps !

  2. rahul


    Actually, “the last lecture” is a series started by CM univ where it invited pioneers to come and present as if that was going to be the last time they would be able to! in essence, they would then try and encapsulate their live’s learnings and squeeze it into two hours of insight. I saw the video first and then read the book, later. I think they complement each other and both are captivating!

  3. rahul


    the series was actually started by CM university when it invited pioneers from various fields to lecture on anything under teh sun, considering it the last time they are interacting with students. It was ironical that the invite to Randy Pausch coincided with the timing of his diagnosis of terminal cancer 😦

    the video and the book, i believe, complement each other and individually are captivating…..

  4. Your reading it now?!! I thought were going to read it a long time back… :/

  5. aplihs

    @ Madan….well yes…I did finish reading it long back…..just this post came after a significant time lag….
    btw…how did u know I was to read this book long time back…some other post on it earlier?

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