Shooting of Oye! Its Friday…!

Farhan Aktakar….my namesake Shilpa Shetty and yours truly spend this Sunday afternoon shooting for the grand finale of Oye Its Friday!!


We were the unimportant audience….but we had a great time….even though Shilpa Shetty is not my hot  favorite…. (I am straight so that is understandable!) and Farhan is quite cute but he is SRK….the show was quite nice…..The live performances were the highlights….we got to see two of them. The first one was some firang chick…doing a solo dance…it was more like gymnastics than dance…..and she was super good….extremely flexible….you wonder if she has any bones in her body..she actually squeezed into a tiny box all by her self!! I don’t know if it will look as impressive when this is aired in TV….but it was truly wonderful to watch live!

The second performance was Sukvinder….with his group of dancers…Haulle Haulle…Jai Ho….the works….music and dance is always rocking…and so was this…

One of my friends actually took a video clip of the performance….so in case he is nice enough to share it with me…..I will link it to the blog….till then you can just imagine what it looked like!

Now for some secrets from back stage…J

1)      The show is not shot on Friday…!! (Well I am sure you already knew that!)

2)      The 1 hour show talks almost 3 hours to shoot….

3)      The set is air conditioned…(Thank God!)

4)      There are two stages opposite each other….one for the chat show….and the other for the performances. The audiences sits in between on backless stools which can be turned around to see either stage as the case may be… ( I had a back ache all Monday sitting on the stool!)

5)      The audience are paid to sit there per shoot….it ranges from 100 bucks for the boys to 900 bucks for girls with short skirts per day! ( Well…we did not get paid…we were NDTV guests)

6)      Farhan uses a tele -prompter and all the faltu jokes are written by some dude called Kiran… there is nothing spontaneous about the show….infact some of the guest cues are also on the tele-prompter!

7)      Even the audience questions are made up and pre-decided!!

8)   Only some of the performances are live and some are recording shown on the big screen shown to the guests!

9)      While watching the show live…the performances are more fun than the chat show which is all made up…..although he few times I have watched the episode on TV I was of a diametrically opposite opinion


So that was Oye! Its Friday! Exposed for you! Do watch the episode with Shilpa Shetty….supose to be the grand finale for this season…for those of you who know me…try and spot me in the audiences!!!


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5 responses to “Shooting of Oye! Its Friday…!

  1. Chirag

    Nice one …. I found it very interesting since I always used to wonder what goes on behind the scenes on a chat show … and was really surprised to know that there is tele prompter for jokes n all the stuff tht looks real … i used to think tht these people were witty !! … thanks for an insightful one … keep writing !!

  2. Chirag

    And forgot to ask … did u take anybody’s autograph n all … n how did u get the invite ??

  3. Interesting.. Everything around televison is Made up..
    If you remember reading it on my blog.. I had visited delhi for a live shoot during the last season of IPL as a contest winner.. I was supposed to ask a quaestion to a member of my favourite team.. I was given a question to ask.. and the answer was a archived video of India playing in pakistan which was shot 2 years back.. 🙂

    Luckily they gave me an option to ask another question.. which was not made up.. thankfully.. everything else was teleprompted to the host.. Pherhaps, that’s what u expect in a news studio.. 🙂


  4. aplihs

    Oh….that is surprising….question answered by an archived video…is just tooo much……

  5. Kunal

    It is.. and happens all the time..
    congrats.. I see u crossed 11.5 k page views..

    Kunal Janu
    Visit My Sports Blog – KJ @ SPorts

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