13 B!

Yeah there was a movie with this name….and I went and watched it in the theatre on a week day! Madhavan and some others….it was suppose to be a horror movie and  it was not very scary….but let me admit…I did watch is with my eyes half closed….with my hands on my face watching through the gaps in my fingers….on hindsight….it was not really required….nothing scary as such happened in the movie….now in my defense….I did not really know that…so better be prepared to shut your eye than be caught unawares!

Now I don’t know if I am really scared of horror movies……well I know it is not my favorite genre of movie….and I do believe in sprites and life after death….angles…maybe even ghosts ….and I believe….that you are going to see a scary movie….might as well get scared…like if you got for a Karan Johar movie…you might as well fall in love!

Back to 13 B…..btw..the movie is called 13 B..because he lives on the 13th floor etc etc….overall not a bad movie actually….it is about Madhvan’s family who moves into a new house and he realizes that there is so mething wrong with the house…..there is a TV serial that the women in the family watch and every things that happens to people in the serial actually happens to the family!! It is a little spooky….but not scary…

Will not disclose the climax….just in case someone wants to actually see the movie…..

The one line I liked in the movie was that… something to the effect of “ Agar Bhoot Insan mein ghus sakta hai to TV ya mobile mein kyon nahi!” Translation : “If ghosts can posses human being….so why cant they posses electronic items like TV’s and mobile phone!”

Well that is what the movie was all about….watch it only is you have nothing better to do….


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2 responses to “13 B!

  1. Chirag

    i agree … it was one of the logical scary hindi movie after a long time … second half was good .. but the first half was repetitive n boring … but all in all worth a watch … okie time pass !!

  2. Heard about the movie.. The sad part is that only the tamil version of the movie is still running.. The Hindi version is gone off the screens at the end of the first week..

    It’s got something to do with Horror and I’m not a big fan of horror movies..

    Kunal Janu

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