I Love You …!

I was reading a fellow bloggers blog (http://kunaljanu.wordpress.com) and his post on his 100thblog….he was reviewing his journey and learning’s though these 100 posts and he has shared the most downloaded picture from his blog….it was simple nothing fancy…..but really cute…..I loved it…..and downloaded it…..and then I had nothing to do with it!!

All the picture said was “I Love You!” but since I have no even remotely  ‘romantically’ interesting in my life to send it to at this point of time….I thought I might as well put it up for my readers…and tell you that I love you!!!  i-love-you

Thank you for reading….Thank you for commenting…”I Love You!”

Now love and romance need not always co-exist…..:-)

Download it and use it!!!  Tell people you love them….it is important…..!! Sometime it backfires….but what the hell…it is still worth it!!

Happy Loving!!  (Sounds corny…but what the hell…its ok!)



I have no idea of the actual source of this little picture……but  my source is this blog http://kunaljanu.wordpress.com and I have given  it die credit!!


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3 responses to “I Love You …!

  1. May god shower love & peace forever for always for all.
    Amen !

  2. Shilpa..
    Even i don’t remeber the source.. I got it on google search.. And i must say u made meaning out of a simple image ..

    Kunal Janu
    PS: I hope you getting a lot of blog traffic using this image 😛

  3. rahul


    Your blog articles are protrected these days. Over the past few days reading yr blog has become a habit. Please unprotrect them for eager souls like me 🙂

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