Rodies Finale…..

The tasks were not fair for girls…..

Now  I don’t like Palak….and I am super glad that she did not win and did not reach the final two also….but the Joomering task was definitely  not fair for any girl taking part( I have tried it and so I can be so sure of it)…..yes as Ranvijay said…there is a technique to it…..but it also requires arm strength to pull your body up…now I am sure a girl and a guy cannot compete on a task which requires  sheer strength……

Even the last finale task was a task tested sheer strength…..not fair again…if a girl and guy reached the finals….

No wonder no girl has even won Rodies……

Well some tasks were gender neutral…like the walking on the plank…. Come on  MTV…I hope the producers come up with gender neutral tasks in the next episode….and see girl power shine…


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2 responses to “Rodies Finale…..

  1. Anand.U

    Mtv Roadies…Drama Drama Drama…Adventure ???

    Well…I wonder what was the program manager thinking while designing the show which has less than 2% market share in India.I can understand in their effort of bringing Adventure Travel to India but they suck big time interms of ideas and execution.

    Courage mixed with Drama Theme …Its not my cup of coffee …hav fun !!!

  2. Show is organized to earn business.
    Isnt it ?

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