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Battle of Avenues!

Well if any of you’ll have been wondering where I have been all these days…..well I have been busy Rotracting…

We conceptualized a project termed as “ Battle of Avenues” for  my new rotaract club to enable to club to plan for the coming here….we executed it…and it worked well…!

I guess that is what Rotaract gives me…the platform to execute idea’s…..and everytime  an idea is taken to a logical conclusion and something works well….it feels nice….and it is a psychological baby step towards ultimate goal…..

( I will write a post on ‘psychological baby steps’ someday hopefully…it is a wonderful concept!)

Rotaract gives me a platform to do things end to end…..from idea….to execution… different departments…no different roles and responsibilities….no ‘management’ to answer to…you get to see the beginning and end of a project…it is short…unlike in work situations….where things go on and on…..believe it or not…four years in the company…and I have never seen a project beginning to end!!

Anyways…so now for what did I get from the project…other than psychological baby steps….ofcouse the normal stuff…people management….designing….. revived my rhyming skills ( ya I am told that as a kid I could make songs on any word given to me!)….got to know which Xerox shop is open in this are on a Sunday….:-D

That’s it for now….I am glad I am back in rotaract…..ya  to be honest there were times during this week when I though to myself…. “why I am I doing this to myself!”….but all is well that ends well….and sometimes  when it ends… you know why you were in it at all!!!


Some of my designing….and silly rhymes…! Just putting it here for memory sake… 20 years down the line…I have just one place to look for memories!


Time for a Battle…..

Time for a Fight…..

Time to spend some Sleepless Nights

Want some Light?

Take a Flight….

And come for the GMB tonight…

(well today….at  4pm ..;-) tonight was just to rhyme!)


The Battle Lines are set…

Now who will win the match…

Wanna  take a bet….

But wait there is a catch…

Your team loses if you are not around…

So if you let them down….

They will miss the crown….


Rules for “Battle of Avenues” are out!

If you are in any doubt…

Reach out to Shri and shout..

And be ready for the Sunday bout!!



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Obituary to my Beloved- Late Mr Nokia 3250

Finally buried my old but very loyal Nokia 3250 😦

My 3250 was a good phone….one would need to twist his bottom to click pictures (now you know which model I am referring to). He was good for everything except talking and messaging (now who needs phones for menial tasks like that!)….great music….the loudspeaker was fantabulous…I did not have a deck in my car but Mr 3250 made an excellent replacement for a car deck….the camera was great….some of the pictures that my 3250 clicked  in the daylight were envied by the low end camera’s available in the market….3250 journeyed the world with me…..well ok….slight exaggeration….he just travelled to Singapore …. Hyderabad… Bangalore… Lonavala… Goa…Matheran…. Lonavala…. Mahabheleshwar….Lonavala…Karjat…Lonavala…etc etc ….( ya since I have shifted to this side of town…..Lonavala has become like a regular destination….people actually call me on weekends and as me if I am in Mumbai or Lonavala!)

Age was catching up with 3250 he was getting tired with all the travel…. He was in shambles for ages now….the key pad numbers were wiped out…the cover was fractured  and was plastered together with cello-tape (despite changing the body twice!) The battery life was gone and would last only about an hour (despite getting a duplicate battery replaced) ….but I loved my phone….and did not want to give it up…..

Till one fine day…..about two months back on my way back from Goa…3250 though it had had enough of being dropped and ill-treated…and I guess the Goa sun and sand was too much for it to handle….it just died  right there in my hand….and would not come back on to life….emgercy treatment at the Nokia repair shop eventually brought him back to life after a week….. but the incident shook me up… can I live without a phone  after all  ‘its not just a phone…its who we are!’  (guess this tag line from which phone!) and hence my quest for a new phone started!

After much research and discussion…I narrowed down on a Nokia Supernova 7610….features seemed nice…the phone looked good…the mirror finish was interesting…..great reviews from people using it…the Priyanka Chopra advt was nice….very relatable (ya…advts do matter….so  here is feedback anyone from the marketing world). …the perfect phone for me!

So I had my heart and mind set on the Graphite Grey Nokia 7610….! I had made up my mind….and I had told all my tech savvy well wishers (obviously all boys/men!) to stay way and not to try an influence my decision…cause I had finally actully made up my mind……

I spent 3 weeks looking for the Graphite Grey Nokia 7610…got the White every where I went ( and believe me I went to many store…Cell One..Nokia Priority..Big Baazar etc etc)…..but the grey piece was just not available L

Finally one little shop in Alfa….had merewala “Graphite Grey” ( which he had to source from some other shop) and I was about to make the bill…..when the guy at the counter said….madame…why don’t you try Sony Erickson C510….. it is the exact same price…features are much better….and I don’t know what came over me….and I said…yes why not….if you are so sure this is a better phone…I will go for it….and I buried my Nokia 3250…and came home with the new Sony Erickson C510!!

All research…all discussions…everything down the drain……bough the phone on the word and recommendation of the guy across the counter…..Sales guys in Nokia….listen up….you’ll are loosing sales of die hard Nokia fans like me…..despite jazzy Priyanka Chopra advts…because of the guy behind the counter!!

Welcome  Ms Sony C510……to my world…..I stay loyal to my phone….and eventually fall in love with them….but drop them…throw them around… dear  Ms C510….I hope you are not very delicate and girly girly like you look and can withstand the pressures of being my phone like my beloved the late Mr Nokia 3250 did… you are going to have an interesting few years  ahead with me!

 All the best Ms Sony Erickson C510….and Welcome aboard!!

Ps: For all you people who actually want to do a compare of the two phones….(I did it when I got home) here is the link!,cp=419


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Chidambaram as Prime- Minster??

Congress has had a decisive victory……Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister again…which is a good thing….!!I personally think Dr Manmohan Singh would be a better prime minster than LK Advani…..

I was just thinking who would be potential good Prime Minister for the country…the names that are throw up in the news channels

Rahul Ghandi….maybe not…..cause I don’t think he has done much of actual work ( but then I guess no politicians actually do any work!) so that should really not be a deterrent!

However  I personally think Rahul will not become a prime minister…cause his family is afraid….every one  in the  Gandhi family who has become a prime minster has been assassinated….Rajiv….Indra….so I think his family would be scared to let up go there and take up the top post…

Narendra Modi….well the question does not arise since the BJP has lost so badly this time but again this post is not about exploring who would be a good prime ministerial candidate for this term as that looks pretty much decided and Dr Manmohan Singh is going to have the top job unless something goes grossly wrong..this post is about looking at politicians in general and saying who I would like to see as the Prime – Minster of my country

I personally feel that Narendra Modi has proved to be a good administrator in Gujarat….and if he is given the top post in India…he would do a wonderful job and reduce bureaucracy and lead the country to greater heights….but he has made a mistake…..the Gujarat riots and the anti Muslim sentiment was a mistake which is going to cost him the top job in the future even though he may be the most capable candidate. India stands for secularism….and we can’t have our Prime- Minister who does not stand for that

P Chidambaram– Well at least I have not heard of people/press talking about Mr P- Chidambaram  as a potential Prime- Minister and I wonder why!? I think he would be very effective on the top job. He has proved himself as the Finance Minster and now he has also proved himself as the Home Minister. He has a clean image…he is highly educated…he is charismatic… he is poised…(the poise really showed when the shoe was thrown at him …he handled the situation beautifully) he can take tough calls which may not be popular but required (sending IPL out of India was a tough call to take and he did it despite all the pressure).  He has all the positive qualities that Dr Manmohan Singh stands for( clean, educated, intelligent)….and also over comes the negative traits of Dr Manmohan Singh (I  somehow cannot see people calling Chidambaram a puppet of a  weak Prime- Minister..he has a persona which is exactly opposite of week!)

I think congress/press  should start looking at Mr Chidambaram for the top post someday.


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If you want to be loved, be lovable….

Deep one liner…is’nt it!!??

Well it did not come from my imagination but from the orkut  “Today’s fortune”

“If you want to be loved, be lovable….”

And i though it was very interesting and worth writing a little post on it….. basically everyone wants to be ‘loved’ by people around them…..but what makes people lovable??

Difficult question to answerer……but let me try….

I think people who are honest….people who really care about others…..and show that they care….people who really listen.. are fun to be with are most often lovable….. !

So are you lovable??

 Think about it….I am going to go and think about it too….!!

 Any comments on what you think  are the qualities of  “lovable” people would be nice to read……preferably think of people you love (need not be a romantic relationship)  and then think of why you love them ….and write to me!!

Happy Thinking….Happy Writing …and….. Happy Loving!! 🙂


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New Blog Name…Again!!

Yes…I plan to change my blog name again….. this time I think I want to get to something gender neutral…

Here are the options that I have managed to block ( I tried so many none were available)…..any better idea’s are welcome! Subject to wordpress having the name available…cause I plan to stick to wordpress…I love their password protected post functionality!!

I personally like wordsetc the best… tell me what you people out there think!? Your opinion is important to me!


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New Feature on my Blog: Live traffic Feed

Found a new widget to add to the blog….really shows you who is on your blog real time…check out the My  visitors section on the right hand side!

Btw…if you are a Blogger user and you put this widget on your blog…you can even see which site the person has come from….

Seems like a fun new feature….all those of you on blogsphere…and wanting to put this widget as a part of your blog go click on and it will get done in like a minute!

Happy Blogging!!

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MUNA Speach-Israel’s view on Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East

MUNA stands for Model United Nations Assembly…every year the Rotary and the Rotaract district organizes the MUNA in Mumbai….

This year we were discussion the issue of “Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East region” and I was representing Israel the only country in the region that has nuclear weapons…and we rocked…..

1)      Won the Best team!

2)      Won the best speaker Runner Up

My bro also participated and represented Iran….Iran is a signatory of the NPT but has been violating the provisions and  is suspected to have been developing nuclear weapons in secret!

Iran and Israel are sworn enemies…Iran wants to destroy all the Jews in Israel…Israel is a nice peace loving country (at war with all its neighbors ;-))

Little Bro’s  team won

1)      Best Researched team

2)      Best Team- Runner Up!

Overall we rocked…had fun…learned a lot….I never really knew what the Israel/Palestine conflict is all about….did not understand NPT….CTBT…..US…Iran…etc etc I am sooo much wiser now after one week of reading….

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in MUNA…..don’t miss it….I think schools and colleges also conduct it….but if you have missed the bus and not participated in those days…contact the nearest Rotary and try and be a part of it next time they conduct a MUNA!

Enclosed is my winning speech…basically our take on Israel’s stance on the whole issue! I think one of the reasons why I missed getting the best speaker is cause I used notes…and ofcourse the guy for the China team was super good!! Next time!!!


We the State of Israel oppose the resolution in its current form.

We believe in principle to the need of a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, however, we are of the firm opinion, it is peace in the region that would need to precede any talks of such a zone.

Mr. President,

We are surrounded by hostile Arab countries which are much larger in size, population and natural resources

As soon as State of Israel came into existence in 1948 we were attacked by the Arab armies. Since then the assaults have continued. It is an Islamic religious jihad against the Jews

The current president of Iran makes inflammatory statements in public forums saying things like “Israel must be wiped off the map”

My people have a right to exist….and our very existence is in danger… The memory of the Holocaust, is still fresh. It haunts us. We feel that our military capability is the only thing that can shield us.

Self-defense and self-reliance have become the twin pillars of our national security policy.

We have always committed that the State of Israel will not be the first country to use nuclear weapons…. And the last 50 years have been proof to this commitment..


We think that the NPT and the IAEA are not effective..

Russia and China have been supplying nuclear material and expertise to terrorist countries like Iran, Pakistan

Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

North Korea one fine day  simply walks out of the treaty and declares it has a nuclear bomb…

now that say it all for the effectiveness of the NPT

We would like to bring to the notice of the general assembly that we believe in the merits of exploring nuclear energy for peaceful purpose.

Countries in the region genuinely looking for nuclear power can explore joint power stations for electricity. Given close distances, and different levels of technological achievement there would advantages for all willing to collaborate,

Mr President….

We want peace in the region….but to achieve that, the first step would have to be for the Arab world to accept the existence of Israel and come to an agreement upon international borders.

For sustained peace, we recommend that  the concept the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone be extended to include Biological and Chemical weapons and It should encompass the whole world and not only be restricted to the Middle East

All nuclear powers should take concrete collective steps towards disarmament.

To conclude, I would like to recap that the we State of Israel believe in principle to the need of a Weapon of Mass Destruction Free Zone, however it will have to be build on a foundation of peace and the right political environment.

Check out the snaps to get a feel of the event!!


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