Stand Up… Speak Up.. Shut Up!

This Saturday I went for a toastmasters work shop on humorous speaking held by CK (Chendil Kumar) and it was quite interesting….some tips that I picked up from that session…I believe writing helps to remember things better… here is what I picked up….

I find humorous speeches very difficult…and I always though that it is a skill I cannot learn…..but CK who took the session…..though otherwise….so now I am going to try to be funny while giving a speech!

Someone said “We learn best during moments of enjoyment”..and I think it is sooo true…. Humor is the best way to connect with the audience… A principle of persuasion: “story telling with appropriate humor” and I have seen my current boss is super good at it!! But when you begin the analyze fun…it is not fun anymore…so I am not going to analyze it too much….but just jot down something…

So what is laughter…J Though CK had an interesting take…and here it is for you to read…

  • Laughter is a noisy smile
  • Laughter is the cheapest luxury
  • Laughter is internal jogging
  • Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects

Some easy tips to give funny speeches!

1.User one liners- easy to remember and deliver

  • An onion a day keep everybody away
  • Trespassers will be eaten….( at a Zoo or at a National park)
  • Trespassers will be recruited
  • Mera Bharat Mahan: Highly Inflammable

2. Pictures speak a thousand words- use funny pictures wherever appropriate

3.Compare and contrast

  • One friend says :My wife had a dream….she dreamt I was a millionaire…..the other friends says….man you are lucky…my wife thinks I am a millionaire when she is awake

4.Power of three :  Build up and then blast..basically build up to seem to be saying a particular thing…and then say something diametrically opposite!

“Stand up…speak up…shut up”

5.Use analogies

  • Last night I slept like a baby…every hour I got up and cried

6.Use definitions..they can be funny when user appropriately

  • Audience are a set of people who get tired by sitting and doing nothing
  • A warm personality …means not too hot!

Some other jokes/funny stories/two liners that were shared in the session….

  • My husband and me are the perfect couple…..he likes me very much…I also like me very much!
  • Our anniversary …I promise to take my wife to an exotic location where people are all dying to go and I take her to the graveyard!
  • A husband and wife are not on talking terms and the husband has to get up to catch a flight early morning so he leaves a note on the fridge which says… “ Wake me up at 5am” the wife get up and writes on the note: “Wake up its 5 am”
  • A man and his friend are at a coffee shop and suddenly he looks up and says….of my god what a coincidence….”My wife and my mistress are walking hand in hand together”  his friend says…oh my god…what a coincidence…..I was just going to say that!

Here is the trainers blog spot if anyone wants to read more on Humor



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2 responses to “Stand Up… Speak Up.. Shut Up!

  1. Anand.U

    Man…Women are beautiful,smart,artistic,fashionable…Read and Listen Well to all the generations …and their ability deliver all the time make all men look like small boys.Here is wonderful example…

    Shilpa San…Bravo…you hav come a long way leaving all the cynics behind…backed yourself with loads of passion…now got enough height in your climbing…now it is just matter of good weather with sunshine…you are all set to reach the top…hav fun !!!

  2. I find writing humorously very difficult too

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