MUNA Speach-Israel’s view on Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East

MUNA stands for Model United Nations Assembly…every year the Rotary and the Rotaract district organizes the MUNA in Mumbai….

This year we were discussion the issue of “Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East region” and I was representing Israel the only country in the region that has nuclear weapons…and we rocked…..

1)      Won the Best team!

2)      Won the best speaker Runner Up

My bro also participated and represented Iran….Iran is a signatory of the NPT but has been violating the provisions and  is suspected to have been developing nuclear weapons in secret!

Iran and Israel are sworn enemies…Iran wants to destroy all the Jews in Israel…Israel is a nice peace loving country (at war with all its neighbors ;-))

Little Bro’s  team won

1)      Best Researched team

2)      Best Team- Runner Up!

Overall we rocked…had fun…learned a lot….I never really knew what the Israel/Palestine conflict is all about….did not understand NPT….CTBT…..US…Iran…etc etc I am sooo much wiser now after one week of reading….

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in MUNA…..don’t miss it….I think schools and colleges also conduct it….but if you have missed the bus and not participated in those days…contact the nearest Rotary and try and be a part of it next time they conduct a MUNA!

Enclosed is my winning speech…basically our take on Israel’s stance on the whole issue! I think one of the reasons why I missed getting the best speaker is cause I used notes…and ofcourse the guy for the China team was super good!! Next time!!!


We the State of Israel oppose the resolution in its current form.

We believe in principle to the need of a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, however, we are of the firm opinion, it is peace in the region that would need to precede any talks of such a zone.

Mr. President,

We are surrounded by hostile Arab countries which are much larger in size, population and natural resources

As soon as State of Israel came into existence in 1948 we were attacked by the Arab armies. Since then the assaults have continued. It is an Islamic religious jihad against the Jews

The current president of Iran makes inflammatory statements in public forums saying things like “Israel must be wiped off the map”

My people have a right to exist….and our very existence is in danger… The memory of the Holocaust, is still fresh. It haunts us. We feel that our military capability is the only thing that can shield us.

Self-defense and self-reliance have become the twin pillars of our national security policy.

We have always committed that the State of Israel will not be the first country to use nuclear weapons…. And the last 50 years have been proof to this commitment..


We think that the NPT and the IAEA are not effective..

Russia and China have been supplying nuclear material and expertise to terrorist countries like Iran, Pakistan

Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

North Korea one fine day  simply walks out of the treaty and declares it has a nuclear bomb…

now that say it all for the effectiveness of the NPT

We would like to bring to the notice of the general assembly that we believe in the merits of exploring nuclear energy for peaceful purpose.

Countries in the region genuinely looking for nuclear power can explore joint power stations for electricity. Given close distances, and different levels of technological achievement there would advantages for all willing to collaborate,

Mr President….

We want peace in the region….but to achieve that, the first step would have to be for the Arab world to accept the existence of Israel and come to an agreement upon international borders.

For sustained peace, we recommend that  the concept the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone be extended to include Biological and Chemical weapons and It should encompass the whole world and not only be restricted to the Middle East

All nuclear powers should take concrete collective steps towards disarmament.

To conclude, I would like to recap that the we State of Israel believe in principle to the need of a Weapon of Mass Destruction Free Zone, however it will have to be build on a foundation of peace and the right political environment.

Check out the snaps to get a feel of the event!!



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3 responses to “MUNA Speach-Israel’s view on Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East

  1. Anand.U

    Wooohooo …Congrats… Great going…Good job…Well Done…hav fun !!!

  2. Chirag

    Congrats lady!! … as usual good job !!

  3. Dan


    I’m about to do MUNA tomorrow (eeek) so this was a real heads-up. Cheers 🙂

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