New Blog Name…Again!!

Yes…I plan to change my blog name again….. this time I think I want to get to something gender neutral…

Here are the options that I have managed to block ( I tried so many none were available)…..any better idea’s are welcome! Subject to wordpress having the name available…cause I plan to stick to wordpress…I love their password protected post functionality!!

I personally like wordsetc the best… tell me what you people out there think!? Your opinion is important to me!



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3 responses to “New Blog Name…Again!!

  1. hi…….

    i use “faceless proximity” and “escape from life” at blogspot……coz i believe that’s what the world of blogging provides us – a faceless proximity to strangers across worlds. And when we are immersed in the web, there’s an escape from life! I have the same names on wordpress which i do not use. If you find them interesting, let me know so that i can release them for you 🙂


  2. Anand.U

    Meragyanbilkulsimple … hav fun !!!

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