If you want to be loved, be lovable….

Deep one liner…is’nt it!!??

Well it did not come from my imagination but from the orkut  “Today’s fortune”

“If you want to be loved, be lovable….”

And i though it was very interesting and worth writing a little post on it….. basically everyone wants to be ‘loved’ by people around them…..but what makes people lovable??

Difficult question to answerer……but let me try….

I think people who are honest….people who really care about others…..and show that they care….people who really listen.. are fun to be with are most often lovable….. !

So are you lovable??

 Think about it….I am going to go and think about it too….!!

 Any comments on what you think  are the qualities of  “lovable” people would be nice to read……preferably think of people you love (need not be a romantic relationship)  and then think of why you love them ….and write to me!!

Happy Thinking….Happy Writing …and….. Happy Loving!! 🙂



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8 responses to “If you want to be loved, be lovable….

  1. Chirag

    A person may be lovable for some and irritating for some … so it might be a matter of personal choice … but ya there are few characters who are lovable for all … cant put down a criteria for them .. but they have that charm and excitement around them which makes them lovable and fun to be with …

  2. Kunal Janu

    ZooZoo’s are the best examples..

  3. aplihs

    @Kunal-Wht are ZooZoo’s?
    @Chirag….ya i know wht you mean!

  4. Anand.U

    Well…Let me see the financial statements first :)…
    Well I dont see any profit in Income Stmt…and there isnt enough cash flow …and it shows a balance sheet which never balances…

    Well lets try to cook something up…well it cant be best mom’s receipe nor i have the special ingredient …but then what is it…

    Well I think it is all about getting up in morning with passion and trying out something and hoping it pans out well…and even it fails …back it up with few more ounces of passion for the next morning…After million times…everybody figures it out…it cant be this simple…It is just being yourself all the time…hav fun !!!

    You donno ZooZoo ??? http://www.facebook.com/zoozoo

  5. Kunal Janu

    Shilpa.. The new vodafone characters are called zoozoo’s.. or eggheads if they can be called..


    Kunal Janu

  6. K

    As Chirag rightly said, its a very personal thing. But if one has to generalize, a lovable person is someone whose genuineness shines through irrespective of his or her demeanor in terms of being loud or silent…difficult to define ‘genuine’ but its more close to being honest and trusty…

  7. sharath babu v

    ya…..even i started thinking when i saw that line on my orkut profile……..so i google searched to find how i can become more lovable…..
    i accept honest, care and fun makes us lovable……

    but some where i feel v need more than that…..because some times….we remain ordinary people to those we care…. while they have already become world for us

    some where ….. a silver line of luckkkkkkkkkkkkk

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