Chidambaram as Prime- Minster??

Congress has had a decisive victory……Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister again…which is a good thing….!!I personally think Dr Manmohan Singh would be a better prime minster than LK Advani…..

I was just thinking who would be potential good Prime Minister for the country…the names that are throw up in the news channels

Rahul Ghandi….maybe not…..cause I don’t think he has done much of actual work ( but then I guess no politicians actually do any work!) so that should really not be a deterrent!

However  I personally think Rahul will not become a prime minister…cause his family is afraid….every one  in the  Gandhi family who has become a prime minster has been assassinated….Rajiv….Indra….so I think his family would be scared to let up go there and take up the top post…

Narendra Modi….well the question does not arise since the BJP has lost so badly this time but again this post is not about exploring who would be a good prime ministerial candidate for this term as that looks pretty much decided and Dr Manmohan Singh is going to have the top job unless something goes grossly wrong..this post is about looking at politicians in general and saying who I would like to see as the Prime – Minster of my country

I personally feel that Narendra Modi has proved to be a good administrator in Gujarat….and if he is given the top post in India…he would do a wonderful job and reduce bureaucracy and lead the country to greater heights….but he has made a mistake…..the Gujarat riots and the anti Muslim sentiment was a mistake which is going to cost him the top job in the future even though he may be the most capable candidate. India stands for secularism….and we can’t have our Prime- Minister who does not stand for that

P Chidambaram– Well at least I have not heard of people/press talking about Mr P- Chidambaram  as a potential Prime- Minister and I wonder why!? I think he would be very effective on the top job. He has proved himself as the Finance Minster and now he has also proved himself as the Home Minister. He has a clean image…he is highly educated…he is charismatic… he is poised…(the poise really showed when the shoe was thrown at him …he handled the situation beautifully) he can take tough calls which may not be popular but required (sending IPL out of India was a tough call to take and he did it despite all the pressure).  He has all the positive qualities that Dr Manmohan Singh stands for( clean, educated, intelligent)….and also over comes the negative traits of Dr Manmohan Singh (I  somehow cannot see people calling Chidambaram a puppet of a  weak Prime- Minister..he has a persona which is exactly opposite of week!)

I think congress/press  should start looking at Mr Chidambaram for the top post someday.


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4 responses to “Chidambaram as Prime- Minster??

  1. Chirag

    Personally I would like to see Modi and Rahul Gandhi as PM … both have the potential to be good and strong PM’s … regarding PC i still think he might be a good manager and a strong person … but he still has to a long way to become a good politician and handle people better … he was recently campaigning in his constituency and a person came up to him and told him that he has not electricity at his home for long .. the logical man that PC is, he told him “that i am not the person to ask about it .. why dont u ask the municipal commissioner” … not a good answer when u r trying to woo people to garner some votes … and thats one of the reason he almost lost his seat this time …

  2. Gavin

    First- Dr.Manmohan Singh has proven himself at the beginning of the reforms process back in 1991. The UPA government suffered at the hands of coalition politics and not because of the weakness of any individual at the top. The idea was to remain in power and get the job done- NREGA, Nuclear Power for civilian purposes etc… are steps in that direction.

    Second- The vote of 2009, has given the Congress & correspondingly to Dr.Singh the mandate and required stability to the run the government without coalition politics, though there are coalition partners in the UPA, from the pre-poll alliance. This mandate should be used to ensure progress at a much faster pace than before and we will be able to see the real Dr.Manmohan Singh.

  3. Kunal Janu

    I hope congress uses this opportunity to convince ‘me’ of a better and a stable government whose main focus should be to decrease the gap between the rich and the poor..

    I have never been a congress fan, but I personally don’t feel sad about seeing the same prime minister again as long as there is opportunity to grow..

    The margin of victory allows congress to wish the allies good byes.. allowing them to individually take decisions and take a step into taking India forward..

    No comments on who should get what role as I think all will be done looking at India on the whole..

  4. Anand.U

    Rahul,Modi,Chidambaram or Omar are the best options India can think of now.
    Anyone of them wud hav been good for current term but in future i def like to see someone who has vision for India and communicates well and gets widely accepted before he can execute his/her own ideas.Being part of Nation ,I def like to know ahead what he/she is going to do with it given the leadership.

    Personally I think Modi or Chidambaram ideas are outdated,Omar is stuck with his own state issues.Rahul is the only hope as of now moreover Congress is only the widely known party across India,but he inherits lot from Western Thinking in which we may very well lose our Indian way.

    I personally feel the young and poor of India need someone who can inspire them to be what they could actually be.They dont need favor ,all they need is level playing field.They need someone to remind them they are so special even god envys them .They need someone who can tell them let god remain as symbol and reminds us of our values and culture and nothing more.They need someone who can make them believe that this country can make it on their own a better place by joining hands and little bit of effort …

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