Battle of Avenues!

Well if any of you’ll have been wondering where I have been all these days…..well I have been busy Rotracting…

We conceptualized a project termed as “ Battle of Avenues” for  my new rotaract club to enable to club to plan for the coming here….we executed it…and it worked well…!

I guess that is what Rotaract gives me…the platform to execute idea’s…..and everytime  an idea is taken to a logical conclusion and something works well….it feels nice….and it is a psychological baby step towards ultimate goal…..

( I will write a post on ‘psychological baby steps’ someday hopefully…it is a wonderful concept!)

Rotaract gives me a platform to do things end to end…..from idea….to execution… different departments…no different roles and responsibilities….no ‘management’ to answer to…you get to see the beginning and end of a project…it is short…unlike in work situations….where things go on and on…..believe it or not…four years in the company…and I have never seen a project beginning to end!!

Anyways…so now for what did I get from the project…other than psychological baby steps….ofcouse the normal stuff…people management….designing….. revived my rhyming skills ( ya I am told that as a kid I could make songs on any word given to me!)….got to know which Xerox shop is open in this are on a Sunday….:-D

That’s it for now….I am glad I am back in rotaract…..ya  to be honest there were times during this week when I though to myself…. “why I am I doing this to myself!”….but all is well that ends well….and sometimes  when it ends… you know why you were in it at all!!!


Some of my designing….and silly rhymes…! Just putting it here for memory sake… 20 years down the line…I have just one place to look for memories!


Time for a Battle…..

Time for a Fight…..

Time to spend some Sleepless Nights

Want some Light?

Take a Flight….

And come for the GMB tonight…

(well today….at  4pm ..;-) tonight was just to rhyme!)


The Battle Lines are set…

Now who will win the match…

Wanna  take a bet….

But wait there is a catch…

Your team loses if you are not around…

So if you let them down….

They will miss the crown….


Rules for “Battle of Avenues” are out!

If you are in any doubt…

Reach out to Shri and shout..

And be ready for the Sunday bout!!



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4 responses to “Battle of Avenues!

  1. Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !
    Rewards & Awards – Claps ! Claps ! Claps !

  2. Kunal Janu

    The Rhymes work!
    I see you have put a lot of effort into getting them right.. Well done!

    Kunal Janu

  3. aplihs

    🙂 Thanks Kunal!! To be honest…it did not take too much effort to get the rhymes right!!

  4. K

    ‘Psychological baby steps’ seems quite interesting! Write about it soon..

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