Making Dal Ki Roti!

I have always seen Dal ka Roti being made…and this Sunday  I made it for myself…..and it was soooo easy….

Mix the leftover dal (preferably use yellow dal)  with the aata (wheat flour)… put some salt and chillies (red chillies and green chillies)…cut onions finely and mix with the aaata and you are ready to go.

Now make paratha….remember to put ghee in it…that makes it all the more tasty!!

Another little thing that I did wrong…so warning you’ll…so you don’t make the same mistake…..ensure that your paratha is nice and thick….if you make it too thin…it will become very crisp…and then not taste as good!!

Happy making and eating Dal ka Paratha’s…!! Other Paratha recipes some other time…my mom is a pro is making paratha’s so I know a whole lot of recipes!!!

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  1. And if Lal Mirch acchaar is present “Paratha” tastes Wow !

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