Power of Smiling!

Today I drove into the petrol pump and there were 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane One and 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane two…

Now I had half a mind of driving off and hoping that the fuel lasts me the day (if required I will go without air con..no that is crazy in the heat) when the attendant at the Pump goes….”mam…..chalo aapko phle bhar dete hai” last lane mein laga lo” ( we will refuel your car first.. drive into the last lane)… The last lane is  normally used as a service lane an not normally for vehicles to fuel up….

I  drove into the last lane…re-fuelled….and drove off…..!

Now what did I do deserve special treatment at the petrol pump….???

Nothing except that…I  normally smile….and said Thank you every week when I came to this petrol pump to fuel!  

Simple is’nt it….? Smile …say thank you…but how many of us actually do that??  How many of us smile at people who are supposedly in a lower socio economic background?? Our Bai’s…the waiters….the watchmen…..do we ever even smile at them…saying thank you is a far fetched thing!

Well I am no saint….if I get pissed…and I think the service is not upto the mark….I will also not hesitate to take case and not let go…..but by and large  I think I smile more than I get pissed….( people who know can comment and tell me if they disagree!)

But how many of us smile at strangers??  Believe me…I do that quite often….and it is really not stupid…almost eveytime I have an eye contact with anyone….in the lift…people I don’t know in office….people in the canteen…..I smile….and trust me….no one has ever frowned back at me…. And almost everyone smiles back!

Smile…it costs you nothing…..and it makes you feel good….it makes the person you smile at feel good…it is infectious….and it is an infection worth passing!!

Happy Smiling 🙂


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5 responses to “Power of Smiling!

  1. Anand.U

    Well…I like to see self-fuelling gas stations in India soon… the whole problem goes away…

    I have been to my share of countries…I hav seen only in Tokyo where people smile all the time when you walk into their restaurant,stores,hotels,malls etc…
    Maybe It is just because Japanese are sooo giving by nature…endup smiling all the time…

  2. aplihs

    Wow! I am still editing the post and i have alredy got two comments on it! How cool is that! Thanks!! Keep on writing and smiling 😀

  3. wait till you get CNG in your town …. guys here go with a Jodha Akbar DVD when going for a CNG topup.

  4. aplihs

    🙂 @Timus! The post was more about Smiling than Fuel!!


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