World Smile Day!!!

A s a follow up to my last post …  just got an idea…how about celebrating  a “Smile Day”  in offices/schools/colleges like we celebrate rose day/valentine day/ doctor day etc…..What say???

And Smile day would be a day when you ‘HAVE’ to smile at everyone you see…. strangers…friends….enemies..!! How cool is that imagine the kind of positivity you will spread!!

Why don’t you try it….and tell me how it worked! We together  we will pioneers of the WORLD SMILE DAY!!

While I was writing this post….I just checked google to see if anyone has ever thought of a “World Smile Day”….and apparently people have….!  The first Friday of October is designated as “World Smile Day” and apparently the theme of the day is

“Do an act of kindness.  Help one person smile.”

Well this theme is good…..but it is a little vague….What is an act of kindness!!?? So I say….we should have a “World Smile Day” and lets propogate the first Friday of October as world Smile Day but with a very smile theme

“ Smile at everyone you see and wish them Happy World Smile Day!!”

What say…is it a good idea? Will you help?? Can we bring some positivity in the world by Smiling? I am sooo sure we can….

Think about it…..and write to me till then….Happy Smiling!!! 🙂


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6 responses to “World Smile Day!!!

  1. niceeeeee…… think about it … I am ear to ear smile for Khalif(iy)a ha ha ha…. I am already having a laugh

  2. Anand.U

    Well…In a world where rich cant vision…poor cant seek…middle class cant get away from second thoughts…smile will be still unknown even on its day !!!

  3. aplihs

    @ timus….hahahah!
    @ other reading timus’s comment and not understanding it….dont worry it is an encrypted joke!
    @ Anand… dont know if you r rich or poor…..all i can say is SMILE…it works…and try it TODAY…dont wait fror its day!
    @ HOBO

  4. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…

    A pragamatist will always end up with smile…Is not that i stopped trying…hav fun 🙂

  5. ravi

    I feel when you/we “SMILE” we are sending a message that we are accepting the other person’s entity and respect/care. It also makes us feel lively and makes us feel happy and i guess its the easiest way of starting up a new friendship. I think every day should be a smiling day. It also shows that how much you love yourself and the people near your surrounding…Do you remember “JAADU KI ZAPPI”. Smile has the same effect of it and it surely gives pleasure.. :-)..Good thought..Keep Smiling 🙂

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